Promotional Products Make The Life Line Of Any Marketing Plan

Promotional products, one of the oldest forms of advertising have come a long way to become the trump cards of marketing plans since its humble origin as the commemorative buttons of the election victory of George Washington in 1789. Promotional product industry is a continuously evolving, vibrant $20 billion a year entity that spins out countless trending gifts every year in all possible price points. The chemistry behind the success of custom products is the rule of reciprocity that exists in the human community. In every language and culture, gift giving is considered as an act of expression of appreciation, which is reciprocated.

Promotional Products

Custom products are incredible ways to stay connected with the consumers and create an instant rapport. By giving your consumers a tangible and relevant product you can remind them of your brand and enhance your brand exposure in a subtle way without any marketing overtones.

Promotional products, if designed keeping your audience in mind, can become the crux of every marketing plan. Who doesn’t love freebies? Every time they use these logo items daily or pass on to others, the mass appeal of your brand enhances. Unlike TV ads or news paper ads that have a very short shelf life and residual effect, custom gifts will remain right in front of the eye span of your recipients for a very long time thereby enhancing their brand recall.

If you are planning a cost effective promotional campaign that will never fail to reach your targeted audience, look no further than custom gifts, which can make a 39% increase in potential business and make your brand leave an impression on your customers and prospects. Custom products make a direct and powerful way to connect their brand with their customers in a unique and engaging way.

Facts tell it all!

  • 55% of customers did business with the brand that handed out a promotional product and 85% of recipients did repeat business with the brand.
  • Around 27% of people will retain a promotional product for 1-2 years after receiving it.
  • 89% of consumers can recall the name of advertisers on the custom gifts that they received.

Custom gifts will make a smart way to leave your mark in the highly continually evolving crowded marketplaces and to reach the target market with incredible accuracy. There are over 25,000 different promotional products to choose from. Be it the most popular promo items of apparels, pens or tote bags to the trending options like fidget spinners or webcam covers and everything in between, we have a lot of options to consider.

If you are stuck for ideas or find it a bit overwhelming to choose from our collection, just give us a call to get started! Happy shopping!

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