Promotional Pens – The Champions in Office Giveaways

Pens are must have items in every office- whether at the reception, on the work desks or even on the floors or on the coffee machine- pens are literally everywhere. However there’s a guarantee that no one has found a pen when they need one though most people clear up tons of pens lying around all the time!

Pens are not just writing instruments everyone needs but are stress busters, best office companion and even a reflection of their personal style. If you thought the day is not far away when pens become obsolete due to the advances in technology, you’d be wrong considering the incredible popularity that pens enjoy even today.


Promotional pens continues to be one of the most popular promotional giveaways even today. Offered in a wide range of models, colors and sizes, pens offer a lot of interesting choices for you. From budget friendly plastic pens to interesting novelty pens and high end premium  and a lot more, custom pens offer something special for everyone!

Hand Sanitizer Sprays with Stylus and Pen

Combo models of pens like those with torch, screen cleaner or hand sanitizer will all make interesting handouts to promote your message as these free gifts are something your recipients will always cherish.

Kiva Ballpoint Pens

Metal pens

When you are looking for a n elegant pen for your high value clients, look no further than metal pens. Fully customizable, these most desirable promotional pens offer an incredible range of finishes from soft touch to a frosted or polished feel.

Designed to last long and perform seamlessly, custom executive pens will remain lasting reminders of your brand for a long time. No matter whether these elegant pens are resting  in the pen holder or at work, your logo will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Provano Bettoni Ballpoint Pens

Stylus pens

Stylus pens work both on the smart screens and paper and can effortlessly navigate between digital and analog world, much to the delight of your audience. Choose from a wide range of interesting models that are wroth flaunting.

Did you know that stylus pens can even be  used to keep hands away from filthy touch points  while pressing elevator buttons or ATM machine pad?

Ballpoint Stylus Pens with Light

Plastic pens

These pens that twist or click can be printed in full color to get easy attention. Offered in a wide range of lively colors and models, budget friendly plastic pens are ideal for mailer campaigns, trade shows and fund raising events among others.

Watson Pens

Antimicrobial pens

The most effective promotional handouts are those that are most relevant. In the new normal world, nothing can beat the popularity of the antimicrobial range of pens that incorporate an antimicrobial additive in its production phase to keep it safe from fungi and bacteria. While ordinary pens can become dangerous harbingers of germs, these pens are safe to touch and for shared use in office settings.

Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive

Need more? Browse our exhaustive collection of custom pens to choose the most appropriate model  that meets your needs