Promotional Kitchen Giveaways Just in Time For the Holiday Feasts!

The big fat holiday season is rolling in! So, there cant be a better gift choice than custom kitchen accessories to build your brand image and enhance customer loyalty alike .

What makes kitchen accessories special?

These are products that can be used every day around the home and office,  thereby putting your brand in plain sight of the audience.  Just think of the exposure your brand will get at cooking classes, home kitchens, office break rooms, restaurants and cook out parties! It will engage your audience with your message in a subtle way while making their cooking chores easier and interesting.

Here are some popular kitchen accessories and custom giveaways that are hard to resist.

Oven Mitts

Highly functional and popular, oven mitts will indeed make great giveaways to handout your brand into the hands of your prospects literally! Ideal as trade show swag,  employee gifts, promotional handouts and more, oven mitts will keep your brand front and center of  not just your recipients but everyone around as well.

These budget friendly and popular items will ensure solid advertising impressions with every use. Choose from various models including fully customizable oven mitts to leave a lasting impression.

Bottle Openers

Custom bottle opener is another popular handout for promoting your brand in kitchens. Small yet incredibly useful , these budget friendly kitchen staples and party favorites will put your brand on a grand display. Available in various shapes and material choices, you can easily find a model that your audience will love. Handout these high utility items to your target audience to help them to open bottles with ease while promoting your brand.

Storage  Containers

Storing leftovers and portioning out snacks can be easier said than done. These food containers will surely make these boring chores easier. Ideal for home, office kitchens, or restaurants, these handy food storage containers will keep contents fresh and tasting their best; while  putting your brand on a wide display.

You can also choose from a wide range of models including stackable models and even ecofriendly items like wheat containers. Moreover, these kitchen gadgets will create consistent  impressions  every day, while your customers get the rights  to enjoy tasty food.


Promotional Measuring Cups

To make sure that the recipes come out right, the ingredients should be measured in the exact quantity . That is what makes measuring cups important items  in any restaurant or home . By putting your brand on these kitchen staples you can promote your business for a low price.  Browse our collection to choose a model that will meet both your branding needs and the baking needs of your audience alike. In addition you can also buy handy portion plates to stick to your healthy portions while serving.

3 Piece Bamboo Utensil Set In Travel Pouch

3 piece Bamboo utensil set Includes fork, spoon and knife made of biodegradable bamboo and packed in 8 Oz. Cotton carrying pouch. This ecofriendly, BPA free utensil sets obviously make perfect giveaways for food fests, cookery contests and restaurants among others. The protective case makes it ideal for travel, camping and road trips. Finally, your brand on these lids will never be missed for sure!

Cutting boards

 Probably a cutting board is something that both cooking experts and novices may need alike! Available in various models including bamboo boards, these will indeed go a long way in simplifying the time consuming chopping and cutting chores of your audience, while displaying your brand.

Branded Pizza Cutters

Anyone can slice up pizza with perfection if they have access to pizza cutters . Available in various patterns, pizza cutters can also be used on other snacks like bread  and other treats. These budget friendly handouts will make a great addition to your trade show  swag list or holiday gift bag. Add your logo and message on these popular accessories to  turn it into  your best brand reminders!

Logo Knife Sets

Knife sets are  premium giveaways with low minimum order quantities. So, marketers can  choose these handouts for the most deserving customers and clients . Available in sleek blocks or boxes, these finely crafted knives can be personalized with your company logo and message. These will definitely make thoughtful giveaways to anyone who loves cooking. So, explore our incredible collection of imprinted cutlery items and knives in various models and price rates.

Sandwich Bags

Any business can make sandwich bags as their promotional swag, simply because everyone needs it. Made of 210D Polyester, it will make an ecofriendly alternative to disposable plastic bags. Reduce the use of plastic and go green with this sandwich bag with wipeable PEVA lining and hook and loop closure to access the contents easily. It will make great handouts for restaurants, snack joints, cafes or any  food related business.

24 Oz Heat It Up Soup Cups

These high utility soup cups can be used to reheat or freeze soup, stew or other leftovers. Offered in various solid color choices, these polypropylene cups have a silicone seal snap lid with vent hole. Microwave Safe – Ideal for Reheat Only. Customize these handy kitchen handout as house warming gifts, employee appreciation  gifts and more.

Pot Strainer

These high utility plastic strainers come handy  in every home or restaurant. Put your brand on and make valuable impressions on  a budget. Your recipients will indeed be pleased to get these  practical giveaways.

Wine and Snack Trays

 Ideal to serve wine and snacks, these kitchen items will look great during formal and casual events and parties . These top rack dishwasher safe custom kitchen utensils have a space for carrying sandwiches, snacks and hours d’ oeuvres. In addition, it has space to keep stemmed wine glasses, cups and 12 oz. beverage can. These items will impress hosts and guests alike in any party setting!

Looking for more? Reach out and contact us  should you have any queries. Get started by customizing these popular custom kitchen accessories to beat the competition and ensure a grand holiday promotions