Promotional Gifts That Are Good For Every Season and Reason!

Top promotional products and cool swag will pique interest in your audience and draw their easy attention in your products.  Budget friendly than other conventional forms of advertisement custom gifts make tangible brand reminders for your message. The best part is that we have a lot of custom products that are so versatile that it can be used in all types of promotional events all round the year.

corporate gift

Here are some timelessly popular giveaways that are well appreciated all across all audience groups.

Products for the Pandemic world

PPE swag like hand sanitizers, gloves, safety goggles and face masks are some of the many custom giveaways that can be considered. Protect your customers while you promote your brand with these personal care items that have become part of the new normal life style and are likely to remain here for a long time even after the pandemic subsides.

Full color dye sublimation face masks that  can be imprinted with your artwork or message end-to end will make heads turn and add a fashion twist to these mundane accessories. Choose from stock prints or come up with your creative design to add your own personal stamp to these masks.

Printed Full Graphic Sublimation Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Moisture resistant face masks will be a convenient option for people who may have to wear  their masks all day at work. These are designed to stay dry and ensure a comfortable fit for the users. Your message and artwork on it will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Comfortprotect™ Face Masks

Stretchable face masks with 3 ear slots will ensure a perfect fit for all face types and are available in a palette of vibrant colors. Form fitting masks with nose bridge will ensure a perfect fit.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

 Grab on the go sanitizers

Carabiner hand sanitizer will help people stay protected from germs while on the go while your logo enjoys a great display. Packed in travel size bottles, these  logo items will get your message go the distance.

1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners

Sanitizer  Spray pen

Spray pen is a handy way to stay germ proof wherever you go. Easy to clip on to pockets or bags, these handy sanitizers are a favorite model  among people on the move.

 0.27 Oz Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Bandana face mask

Bandanas make versatile face coverings that can be worn in various different ways will ensure  multiple ways of brand display for you with just one handout . These are lightweight and easy to mail and make great handouts to your remote team, clients or prospects as well


Home office staples

As work space has shifted to the cozy homes for most people, desk accessories that come handy during work will be a great choice.


Antimicrobial pens and stylus pens are the two top trending models. These can even be used safely over common touch points like elevator button or ATM pads.

Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive

No touch tools

 No touch tools have become as indispensable as keys for everyone these days. It makes a safe and contact less way to press cash pad or even pull open the doors!

Brass No-Touch Protection Tools

  Phone wallets

When your employees need a handy way to carry their cards and keys along with their phones, phone wallets make a great choice. These light weight and durable pouches can be stuck to the rear of the mobile phones while your brand gets a premium  promotional real estate!

Work bags

Though your team is working from home , they may be required to switch back to office mode any time. So, a handy imprinted back pack or laptop bag will make a great choice to consider.

High Line Backpacks

Imprinted drawstring bags or lunch bags will get used not just during work but even family trips and holidays as well. Choose eco friendly models like jute , cotton or non woven to inspire your team to adopt a green themed lifestyle for the welfare of all the earthly mortals.

Magnetic clips

Keeping the work desks tidy  is all the more important while working from home;  a messy desk  won’t look good in video calls and online business meetings; above all it can be a serious topic of debate in most families!

So, make sure that your employees leave their desks clean by keeping the documents and paper well organized with these handy memo clips. Choose from various color choices, customize it with your brand and  you are all set to grab easy attention.

Jumbo Size Heart Shape Memo Clips

Seasonal staples

Now that the chilly fall and winter season is almost here, you can consider handouts like scarves, beanies, jackets and neck gaiters among others. It will make a smart unit of the corporate uniform  that will make your team stand out nicely  in online meetings and events.

Grace Infinity Scarves

If you are looking for budget friendly handouts lip balm will be a good choice.

Insulated tumblers
Everyone will be  pleased with  insulated metal tumblers as these can be used for both hot or cold drinks!

16 Oz Fade Away Stainless Steel Tumblers

Need more? Explore our complete line of custom gifts to choose something special for every call. Happy shopping!