Promotional Gifts Success Story #6 – Custom Drinkware

We feature success stories of our customers that spread happiness and positive vibes in our blog to give inspiring ideas for businesses who may be looking for fresh custom gift ideas. This success story features Third Eye Retreats®, a holiday planner based in Brooklyn, New York that offers world travel experiences for yoga lovers. The founder, yoga teacher, and retreat curator Karen Shelley has been leading yoga journeys since 2015.

Hydro-Soul Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Karen Shelley ordered Custom 16 Oz Hydro-Soul Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles as promotional gifts for her clients. She gave the product a 5 star rating and was really impressed by its beautiful design and the spill proof design of the bottle.

I’m impressed by the quality of this product given the reasonable price point. Product, which I ordered for , looks beautiful. Bottle is water-tight. The print quality is clear. I’m very pleased with this order! Shipping was fast, and boxes arrived packed and shipped very professionally.

She asked us to set up the print design for her and we made a couple of designs till she was satisfied. It was truly a nice experience. She had a perfect gift in the form of these insulated drinkware items  to reach out to her target audience who comprises of travelers, yoga enthusiasts and outdoorsy people. These insulated and reusable water bottles are environment friendly, which truly complemented the vision of her organization. Offered in a palette of several attractive colors, she found it easy to pick up the one that matched her event theme as well.Custom 16 Oz Hydro-Soul Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Hydro soul insulated water bottles have a very sleek design that makes it easy to carry around in backpacks and travel bags, which is another plus point of this product. As it is insulated, it can be used to carry both hot and cold liquids at the desired temperature. Another big plus is that even if the users carry scalding hot beverages they can carry it easily without burning their fingers. Ice cold liquids normally cause condensation where droplets accumulate on the surface of the bottles and leave the hands of the users wet. These insulated bottles will solve this problem as well, which makes it easy to pack it in travel bags even when filled with ice cold liquids.


The giveaways proved a total hit in promoting the organization and Karen Shelley was truly delighted at the outcome! Thank you Karen for the wonderful feedback that you shared with us!

We shall be back with another story in a few days time. Till then happy shopping!

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