Promotional Gifts For January 2016 Holidays And Events

Did Christmas and New Year Eve pass by in a whiff? We at ProImprint felt so as we were still in the holiday hangover of Christmas gift wrapping and corporate parties when the calendar reminded us that January is already here!11 Oz Custom Imprinted Colored Stoneware Mugs with C-Handle

January holds a special place for most of us as it gives us a chance to enjoy the last leg of the big fat holiday season. There are not many holidays to look forward to for a long time, so make sure that you leave nothing to chance in celebrating the events of January.

January has a fair share of holidays to its credit though none of these may be as popular as Christmas or Hanukkah. However these are important dates for businesses to plan their promotional gifts and to keep up the holiday mood for a wee bit longer!

So here are some of the upcoming events that are lined up for January and a few gift ideas for observing these.

New Year is all about new hopes, promises and resolutions. Why not inspire and encourage your recipients to live healthy by handing out fitness items like pedometers or water bottles. Every time they hit the gym or the walking trails, they will surely feel great about your logo and your social commitment. Imprint your logo and message on these practical and well retained promotional gifts, which can be used to promote community events, fitness clubs and sports leagues among others.Customized Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer with Molded Clip

Saving money is another popular resolution for most people though it is something that most of us fail to achieve! Help your recipients to attain their goal of saving money by handing out these custom banks. Available in a range of curious shapes including the ever popular pig shaped banks, custom banks enjoy a long retention among your customers- not just as money pots but as keepsakes as well. You will be surprised of how fast the spare changes add up to decent amounts that will encourage your recipients to start a new savings plan.

Maintaining a clean work desk is another popular resolution that most people find hard to attain. January 11 is Clean Off Your Desk Day, which makes it a perfect occasion for you to inspire your recipients to clean off the piles of paper and clutter from their work desks and move a step closer to their New Year resolution. From magnet clips to business card holders and letter openers, we have a range of items that can be considered for businesses.

January 4-9 is Thank Your Customers Week. So make sure to send a chocolate gift box , a promotional pen or ceramic mugs to your customers to say how much you care for them. Need more gift ideas for January? Call us at ProImprint or browse our collection.

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