Promotional Gift Ideas That Are Likely To Be the Most Popular In the Month of October

Though the month of October will make us think about Halloween costumes and candy, these are not the only things for marketers to consider in promotional gifts. We have put together a guide on gift items that you should buy or avoid in October so that you can make the most of your promotional dime.

The cold weather staples like jackets, hoodies and beanies will make popular promotional gift items for marketers during the month of October. These will not just keep the recipients warm during the outdoor events and parades but will put your brand on wide display. Apparels have been one of the most popular gift items among marketers and the month of October is not likely to be any different. Long lasting and functional, fall weather apparels will enjoy a long retention in winter as well. Imprint your logo and message on these and hand these out as loyalty gifts, employee gifts or promotional items to get your message out in style.Custom Sportsman 8 Inch Knit Beanies

Outdoor items
For marketers who are looking for the best value for money can shop for outdoor items like picnic sets, folding chairs and prices of these items hit rock bottom as summer season passes by. With a lot of football, outdoor events and parades on the cards, your recipients will find these outdoor and sports logo items useful as well.Custom Printed Sand Dune Beach MatsHalloween candy
In 2015, shoppers who celebrated Halloween spend a total of $2.1 billion dollars on candy alone, according to the National Retail Federation. So, make sure that you include this popular Halloween staple into your marketing mix this year. Be it as store promotional gifts or trick-or-treat bag items, custom candy will never fail to grab the attention of your recipients.

Pumpkin themed gifts
October is also the time to think about pumpkin flavors, pies and colors. Be it the carved Jack-O-lanterns for Halloween, LED pumpkin shaped bags or pumpkin shapedstress balls, your recipients will find these pumpkin shaped gifts really adorable.Personalized LED Pumpkin Halloween Bags

National Taco Day gifts
If you are into food and restaurant business, you will surely like observing food-themed days like National Taco day on October 4th. In 2015, Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos, which will make 490,000 miles of tacos that can take you to the moon and back! Some of the gift ideas to consider include custom sandwich containers, food shaped magnets and more. Announce your deals and offers for the Taco day on these logo items or hand these out as store promotional gifts to your regular customers for the best impact.2.25x2.25 Custom Awareness Octagon Shape Magnets

Now for some gift items that may not be so popular

Halloween might make people think about holiday shopping season and toys. But for the maximum impact, it is better to wait till December before you include promotional toys in your gift list.

Technology items
Electronics items might not make a hugely popular gift item for October considering the fact that Black Friday is round the corner. Your recipients will have their shopping lists ready for the shopping bonanza and handing out a technology gift at this time of the year might not be the smartest way to grab their attention.

Now that you have a fair idea of some of the most popular gift trends for October, shop right away at ProImprint. If you have planned something different for the month of October, do share with us. We would love to hear from you.

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