Promotional Gift Ideas for Insurance Companies

The insurance industry in the United States is the largest in the world in terms of revenue. The net premium of the insurance industry in USA totaled $1.1 trillion in 2014, with premiums recorded by life/health insurance accounting for 56 percent and premiums by property/casualty (P/C) insurers accounting for 44 percent, according to SNL Financial.

Insurance companies come up with attractive deals, packages and gifts to woo new customers and to retain existing clientele. Promotional gifts make a major part of marketing for most businesses and insurance is no different. Let’s be frank about it. Everyone loves freebies and here are some gift ideas that not many customers can ignore.

One of the most popular business promotional items used by the insurance industry is Insurance Card Holders, which will ensure a safe and easy accessible place for your recipients to place their documents. There is a bevy of attractive models of card holders to consider in this category including alternative card holders or silicone card holders among many others.

Calculators: Extend a helping hand to your recipients in getting their calculations right with these logo calculators. These practical items for the work desks of your recipients will come handy in not just calculating their premiums but also in their daily calculations and shopping errands.Personalized Expo Calculators

Laptop and tablet bags The travelling executives will surely find this logo gift useful in keeping all their work documents well organized. Every time they carry these logo imprinted bags, your brand will grab the attention of the world outside.Promotional Journey Laptop Business Backpacks

Pens : Custom pens make popular business gifts for the insurance sector. Imprint your logo and message and every time they write, sign or draw, your message will grab their attention. You can choose from a range of delightful models like ecofriendly pens, novelty pens and executive pens among others.Custom Twin Write Highlighter Pens

Paperweight: Custom paperweights will make a perfect gift for mass mailer campaigns and business events. Imprint your logo and message on these and hand these out to your customers to put your brand right on top of their tables quite literally!Customized Jaffa Diamond Paperweights

Wallets: wallets are something people cannot do away with! Be it at work or on the move, everyone will reach out for their wallets many times a day, which makes it a potent promotional gift that is capable of making regular impressions. Imprint your logo and message and see how these trendy wallets from ProImprint will make a perfect moving billboard for your brand. Budget friendly and easy to distribute, these custom gifts will enjoy a long retention.Custom Printed Wallets with Badge Holder and Neck Cord

Insurance sector has always maintained a robust growth pattern and to stay ahead in this competitive market, you may need gifts that are a wee bit different from the ordinary. Browse our fabulous collection of custom gifts from ProImprint to add an impetus to your brand promotion

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