Promotional Drinkware- Much More Than a Branding Tool

Promotional drinkware items are useful not just to carry beverages and drink them in style. They are even more versatile in our daily lives; people use it as pen holders, flower vase or a convenient holder for their curios. Some people even use it as desk décor items. No matter how your recipients choose to use these imprinted items, your brand and message on them will remain right in front of everyone around and may become part of their daily lives.

Promotional Drinkware- Much More Than A Branding Tool

Probably not many promotional items can match the mass appeal of imprinted drinkware items– people won’t even take their hands off these stylish mugs that keep them hydrated all day. The reports of ASI say that 53 percent of U.S. consumers who own promotional drinkware use it atleast 2-3 times a week. So, imagine the number of brand impressions that these make during its shelf life.

Custom Imprinted 24 Oz Slim Fit Water Bottles with Flip Straw Lid

Versatility and everyday use

Everyone’s using drinkware items in their daily lives; still, they remain oblivious of the marketing campaign that’s behind this, seemingly simple product. Well, that is the success of drinkware items as promotional items! Promotional products that are highly useful and versatile will easily strike a chord with your audience. Who doesn’t want things that can be used every day afterall? Custom mugs look good in homes and offices and will make great handouts for all types of events and promotions.

 Mugs Are Great For All Occasions

Well, there may be a perfect time and a place for everything; but printed mugs will never look out of place in any event no matter how big or small. Get your brand and message imprinted on these everyday- items for tradeshows, to get noticed instantly. It is a smart way to make your brand popular among your clients. Gifts evoke reciprocity; when you give them something useful as a trendy mug, they will be pleased to be your brand envoys and will be keen to support your company.

Mugs are talking topics

Everyone loves to talk about their favorite branded mugs to their guests and friends. These attractive custom mugs on the kitchen cupboards or work desks thus will get a lot of curious eyeballs during its shelf life. Result- your branding pitch picks up by the day; and goes on for a long time even after the business event.  Last but not least, promotional mugs are durable and made to last until they get broken. Even if that happens they will be replaced by a fresh set and the success story continues.

If you have not yet exploited the promotional potential of tumblers to your advantage, it is the best time to ensure that your brand finds its way to someone’s home!

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