Proimprint’s 10 Top Selling Promotional Products For The Month of December 2016

Seasons change; days go by; but that doesn’t deter us from coming up with our monthly report of best selling custom gifts for December. With the reports of the first snowfall already reported from many parts of the country, we were expecting a walkover for winter staples. However the sales report indeed has some elements of surprise, which makes it all the more spicy and intriguing. So, without any further delay, here we go to the 10 top sellers of the month.


#1 Carmel Travel Tumblers

A cup of a hot cup of coffee is the best thing to ask for on a frosty winter morning. Customized 16 Oz Carmel Travel Tumblers featuring double wall construction with stainless steel twist-on lid with slide lock drink opening, these travel tumblers are perfect to woo your coffee drinking employees and customers. There are 9 great color combinations to choose from.Customized 16 Oz Carmel Travel Tumblers

#2 Himalayan Tumblers

Himalayan tumblers have done it again and its is a hat-trick for these fabulous drinkware items which make not just functional tumblers for your favorite beverages but excellent showpieces for your coffee table as well!Custom Printed 20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

#3 Classic Party Sunglasses

If you thought sunglasses are for just summer, you could be in for a surprise as our classic party sunglasses are a rage in party circuits all round the year. December was no different either! Available in a range of solid color choices, these custom sunglasses are great for every theme and budget.

#4 Aluminum Metallic Bike Bottles

Most people are on their holiday picnics, biking trips and fun if the soaring sales figures of these bike bottles are any indication! Custom 25 Oz aluminum metallic bike bottles are spill resistant with screw on, sip top lid, which makes them well suited for bikers and can carry a copious quantity of 5 25 ounces of beverage to keep them hydrated for a long time.Personalized 25 Oz Aluminium Metallic Bike Bottles

#5 Viking Tumblers

The nip in the air has made all the metal tumblers in top demand this season we guess. Customized 30 Oz Viking Tumblers feature double wall vacuum stainless steel design with a press-in lid and copper lining. The can store cold as well hot liquids for long hours, which make them exceptional for outdoor activities and adventure tours.

Customized 30 Oz Viking Tumblers

#6 Small Ice Scrapers

Handy and effective, these winter staples of small ice scrapers will ensure that your recipients never get grounded in a blizzard. A great addition to any auto safety kit!

Promotional Logo Small Ice Scrapers

#7 Colored T-Shirts

Gildan Adult DryBlend Colored T-Shirts was one of our top sellers this month. Surprised? A colorful T shirt is a must to have in any contemporary wardrobe to pack a casual charm. Add on a few layers and see how it turns into a perfect winterwear for all those daily errands.

Custom Printed Gildan Adult DryBlend Colored T-Shirts

#8 Duffel Bags

Travel season is every much on and most people have already packed their bags for their holidays- atleast that is what the impressive sales stats of our Custom Energy Duffel Bags suggest. Great color choices , ample storage space and great for weekend trips, short rambles and all those gym trips.

Custom Imprinted Energy Duffel Bags

#9 Vacuum Thermos Bottles

When the hands are numb and the mouth and nose sends out cold smoke on a frosty morning can there be a better way to stay warm that a piping hot drink of coffee? Promotional 16.9 Oz vacuum thermos bottles are vacuum sealed to retain temperature and the original taste of the beverage.

Promotional 16.9 Oz Vacuum Thermos Bottles

#10 Drawstring Bags

Travel light; travel easy with these causal and colorful Polypropylene Drawstring Bags. Ample space for all the travel essentials and the handy double drawcord closure are the star attractions of these bags.

Promotional Logo Polypropylene Drawstring Bags

We will be back with a spanking new list of top selling products in January, a month which also brings with it brand New Year for everyone us. Watch this space for our regular updates and enjoy a wonderful shopping.

Merry Christmas   and Happy New Year wishes

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