Proimprint Staff Favorites – Spring Season Special

It is March; it is spring season and time for us for yet another spell of ProImprint Staff favorites poll. No prizes for guessing the theme of this month’s poll. Yes it is indeed spring season gifts and outdoor fun items. The lucky trio who will get to choose their favorite gift item this month is Michael, Jessica and Nicole.

staff favorites - spring spls

As always ladies first; and Jessica was up on her feet to make her choice. Being a sun loving outdoorsy type, it was no wonder that she chose our Deluxe Fun In The Sun Kit that includes A drawstring backpack, waterproof pouch, Kan-Tastic coolers, sunstick and rubberized sunglasses to cater to the needs of the beach lovers and pool party aficionados. Jessica was in particular excited at the color brilliant color choices on offer.

Deluxe Fun In The Sun Kit

The next item that she chose was the beach balls, which she thought will enhance the beach fun of her little ones. Available in a palette of brilliant colors, ProImprint offers beach balls in a range of colors and sizes and she had no difficulty in picking up a model that suits her holiday needs. With a perfect set of gifts to make her beach holiday special, a happy Jessica passed the baton to Nicole to make her gift choice.

16 Inch Customized Beach Balls

Nicole is a lady of few words and a bit reserved in office. But at home and in the company of her close family members, she transforms into a jovial and fun loving person who will go to any extent to make her holidays extra special. So we were all keeping our eyes peeled to see what could be her gift choice. She had no doubt in picking up this Poolside Fun Kit as her favorite item for the spring season. The kit includes a waterproof Pouch with Neck Cord and Malibu Sunglasses, which come in an exciting bevy of colors including Woodtone, Tortoise, Black, White, Royal Blue, Lime Green and a lot more!

Imprinted Poolside Fun Kit

The next item she picked up was the brilliantly colored Frisbees, which will be one of the all time favorites of every outdoorsy American. She was happy that she has something for her family poodle as well with this choice

Imprinted Fun Flyers with 9 Colors

Last but not least, it was Michael’s turn. A hardcore sports fan, he picked up folding chairs for all the baseball games and the tail gating parties on his cards. Quite rightly he complemented it with the Stadium Survival Kit that includes drawstring backpack, lip balm and sunstick, bottle opener malibu sunglasses and rally towel, which made a perfect item for a sports head like him!

Stadium Survival Kit

What are the spring season custom gifts that you wish to have in your kitty? Is it the same as the choices of the ProImprint staff members or something different? Do share your thoughts and spring season party gifts in the comments section and join the conversation.

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