Product spotlight- Germ-Free UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

As the pandemic concern persists, people are getting more health conscious and aware about the various ways and means to reduce the spread of germs. Protective equipment like face masks, gloves, safety goggles and face shields are now part of our daily life. In the impressive list of anti germ products, here is a spanking new item that will go a long way in making lives easier.

UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity is highly effective and a must-have item for anyone who uses phones. The best part is that while it cleanses and sanitizes your phone with UV light, your phone gets charged as well.You cannot simply afford to take a chance in fighting off germs —especially during a pandemic, and can there be a better tech gift this innovative UV phone case sanitizer case!

Did you know that phones have 18 times more than a toilet handle? Well, that should highlight the importance of antigerm products like this. Cleaning your electronics is easier said than done as you cannot use water or liquid cleaning products as freely on electronic items as on other surfaces as these can damage it. That’s why you need this handy sterilizing box in your collection.

Not just the phones!

UV phone sanitizer case can sanitize not just phones but many other things  like keys, jewelry, pens, earbuds etc and it will be germ free in just five minutes. No mess, no fuss and best of all- no effort from your side is needed to keep the gadgets squeaky clean and germ free!

This sanitizer case can charge your phone too, which will further enhance the utility of these items. The wireless design is convenient as you can charge multiple gadgets without littering the desk with wires. You can charge the actual sterilizing box with the type c charging cable that’s included.

The auto shut-off feature will make sure that once the phone is completely sanitized the box will power down automatically, thereby avoiding the risk of overheating or wasting power.  These trending tech gadgets will make great handouts for businesses to highlight their logo and to show their audience that their personal safety if important to you.

Get your logo and message imprinted on these handy items to get easy eyeballs. These make perfect giveaways during employee appreciation events or tech tradeshows among others. Long lasting and incredibly useful, these tech gadgets will earn a prime spot on the work desks of your recipients thereby keeping your message in their plain view.