Printed Coasters Make Fabulous Party Favors and Promo Gifts

Are you planning a wedding, anniversary party, family reunion  or something similar? Do you wish to send home your guests a nice souvenir of the event? Custom party favors like coasters imprinted with your message or artwork will make a great way to show your guests some gratitude for showing up for the event.

Here are some excellent coasters that can be made your party favors. Budget friendly, highly practical and above all popular across all age groups, custom coasters will enjoy a high retention as well.


Family events

Coasters are unique and affordable gifts  for your guests.  Customize it to match your event theme,  colors or even menu to add a fun twist to your handouts and impress your party guests. You can be at your creative best while customizing coasters. Think of some artwork, party jokes, thank you messages or quotes to be imprinted ion them. You can choose even from our wide selection of fonts, and create the perfect party favors for her guests.

4 Inch Personalized Round Coasters

Most people may not consider coasters as a possible gift choice for first graduation, birthday party or any other occasion where you want to highlight the guest of honor. However, high utility gifts like coasters are something your guests will truly cherish. Reports show that most people find functional giveaways more  popular than novelty gifts.

Custom coasters make interesting talking topics that are guaranteed to make  any banter session interesting. Add personality to the dining tables with these colorful coasters that bear the stamp of your individuality. Though these are basically designed to keep the table surface clean from water rings, these will double up as decorative pieces that will match well with the theme of the home or office of your guests  easily.

Marble and Bamboo Coaster Sets

Corporate dinner

Marketers looking for a well retained gift for their corporate party can consider coasters confidently. Offered in a wide range of interesting models like stone,  bamboo, glass,  leather and a lot more, you can choose a model that matches your corporate image.  Get your  company logo or message imprinted on these coasters to get the party going and keep up the spirit of the guests!

Custom Printed Patron 4 Pc Corrugated Coaster Set

As Valentine ’s Day gifts

Restaurants can consider heart shaped coasters imprinted with their message as a special handout for couples during the romantic dinner night. It will make a great keepsake for your guests.  You can even pack a set of 2 coasters in sets and finish off with an elegant bow to ensure a great presentation.

Square Shaped 4 Piece Glass Coaster Set

Beach Party favors

Hosting a beach party or pool party anytime soon? Coasters imprinted with sea shells, starfish along with your party anthem and will make a great gift that is as memorable as the party itself . Add a ribbon or a hand written thank you note to make it special. It’s a great souvenir for any beach party!

Floating Inflatable Pink Flamingo Beverage Coasters

So are you ready to take your party  to the next level with custom coasters? Browse our collection to choose  trendy coasters to get your event going!