Press Out The Bad Day Woes With Custom Stress Balls

Stress can hit anyone any time. Stress balls are the smartest way to handle their Adrenalin rush in a simple and stealthy way. It is like magic! One moment you are shouting and grimacing and the other moment you are grinning. Browse our collection of stress balls that will get your customers stay calm and take life as it comes and talk about your logo!


Stress is everywhere; be it at home, workplace or on the road. You can get over stress by taking a holiday,  hitting the gym or enjoying some sundowners with your friends. But what if your are hard pressed for time and have important commitments at home, a deadly deadline or may be a difficult boss? This is where stress balls come in. These are proven ways to beat stress and get on with your schedules at the same time. These will literally allow you to squeeze the stress away and stay happy.

Stress Reliever Troll Balls

Stress balls are made of firm yet soft material that makes it easy to squish, squeeze , wring and pinch! Designed to take in your bad day and job tensions with a big smile, stress balls can also prevent motion injuries and stress related ailments such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The therapeutic effects of stress relievers are already proven!

 Often it is the simplest things that trigger stress and push you to the limits. Now we have an equally simple remedy to beat stress and bring smiles to faces. Hand out these logo imprinted stress balls to your employees or clients and see them beaming with happiness. These are perfect promotional gifts to promote dentists’ offices, sports leagues, doctors’ offices, and anywhere where a little stress relief might come handy.

Pig Funny Face Stress Balls

Get your brand , message or motivational quotes imprinted on these stress balls and turn your brand the solution for a de-stressed life for your recipients. Offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these fun items will add a pop of color to your work desks and lighten the mood at work place instantly. Light weight and easy to distribute, stress balls make perfect handouts during tradeshows, welcome kit items and much more. There is never an inappropriate time to hand out these stress balls. The big plus- everyone will thank your brand for having helped them to stay cool even on a stressful day at work. After all, no one is being harmed as you fly off the handle on a bad day and when nothing seems to fall in place for you!

Smile Face Bounce Back Stress Relievers

 Stress balls are tons of fun and enjoy a wide fan base all over the world. A huge favorite among every class of customers, stress balls make a budget friendly handout to steal the hearts of your audience. These nondescript spongy balls will keep everyone at their cheerful best at all times and nobody can resist these adorable toys.