Popular Giveaways for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness about the disease and help people stay safe. The theme for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 is Thrive365. Businesses and communities can come together to show their support to the survivors and take the campaign even beyond October!

Here is a list of some of the popular breast cancer awareness giveaways that you should ideally invest during this month.


Nothing says breast cancer awareness like printed T shirts. So, handout pink T shirts imprinted with logo and message to show support to the cause . Designed to fit most adults, pink T shirts definitely will make a great handout to show the power of pink.

Drinkware items

Custom water bottles make perfect race swag for businesses planning health run/ walk  as part of breast awareness campaigns. An infuser water bottle will obviously make a great choice as it will  let the recipients to add their favorite natural flavor to water. Besides, it makes it interesting for them to stick to the recommended 64 ounces of water  easier. Reusable and long lasting, these bottles will also keep your brand top of the mind of your recipients. Afterall, staying hydrated is indeed the easiest way to stay healthy.

Breast cancer Awareness Wristbands

Spread the word and create awareness among everyone with these pink bracelets that make recognizable giveaways to show your support. Budget friendly and popular, custom bracelets make great fund raisers as well for the benefit of cancer survivors.

Pink drawstring Backpack

Put your awareness message on the move with these handy drawstring bags. Light weight, durable and easy to use, these drawstring bags will get your message far and wide. The string shoulder straps ensure a quick-close top. Popular and budget friendly alike, custom cinch bags will definitely make a great choice as awareness giveaways.

Ribbon shaped giveaways

Awareness giveaways like ribbon stress relievers win hands down as fundraising items for breast cancer awareness all year round. These ribbon shaped handouts can also be used as thank you giveaways for donations or to spread the word and engage more people in the cause. Soft yet firm, these stress relievers will even help the users to beat stress and boredom while being part of the awareness campaign.

Coloring books

Coloring books are indeed the ultimate gifts of relaxation on a budget.  It includes coloring pages that feature a variety of stress relieving patterns and inspirational messages. Besides, it will not just empower your recipients to fight for the cause but also offers the simple pleasure of coloring.

Seed packets

Inspire the recipients  and spread the message of hope with custom seed packets. Your logo and message imprinted on the packets will not just draw easy attention but sprouts to beautiful plants that will also make the message live on!

Round Gel Beads

Hot and Cold Packs  are reusable, non-toxic, and safe to both microwave and freeze. Designed to bring quick relief from sore muscles and stiffness, these small sized hot and cold packs are also perfect for on-the-go use. Every time your recipients use these wellness items they will not just be relieved of the pain but will be aware of the social cause that you support.


Buttons make a low budget awareness giveaway that is hard to miss. Add your logo, awareness message and artwork to make it stand out. These  custom button pins are American made, with many full color options.

No matter whether your budget is big or small, breast cancer awareness giveaways will indeed offer a lot of options. Make your breast cancer themed promotions or fundraiser  a huge success with these unique promotional products. Every time your recipients use these giveaways, there will be better awareness about the disease, which in turn will help find a cure for breast cancer.