Plush Rectangle Gel Beads Hot and Cold Packs – Product Video

Hot and cold gel packs can double up as an ice pack or a warm compress to sooth sore muscles or the aching knee. A must to have item in the first aid kits of every home or office, hot and cold packs act like magic to wipe off the mundane woes of aches and pains on a bad day out for most people. The incredible mass appeal of hot and cold packs have made it a popular custom gift item as well. Every time your recipients get benefitted by their soothing effect, your brand and message will get a lot of attention for sure. Budget friendly and versatile, these reusable therapy packs make great handouts during tradeshows and business events.

Planning an outdoor promotion? Gel packs make thoughtful handouts during outdoor season where most people indulge in adventure activities, sports events and beach fun.  Everyone needs these items, in their first aid boxes; but often forget to buy one for themselves- So why not handout a customized hot and cold gel pack for free? Your clients and customers will really feel great and well appreciated and your brand will earn a place in their good books quite easily.

These custom items will keep your brand in plain view and will make your recipients feel relieved even at their times of distress. Studies show that functional items that people use daily have a better promotional power than pure novelty items. Custom hot and cold packs are easy to use; warm it up in microwave or chill it by putting in freezer as per the needs. Non toxic and long lasting, hot or cold packs are offered in a range of interesting shapes as well that will enable you to match it up with your promotional theme. These everyday items often get shared among family or friends and your brand will get a wider audience in the process.

The product that you just saw in the video

Custom Plush Rectangle Gel Beads Hot and Cold Packs  (PI22905) feature plush material back that is soft on skin and an elastic strap to hold it in place. These reusable therapeutic packs are easy to use; just microwave it for hot use or freeze it for cold use. Non-toxic and safe to use, cold packs are ideal promotional gifts for health fairs, hospitals, spas and doctors offices. Choose from a range of lively colors; your brand and message imprinted on these solid colored gel packs will get a lot of attention.

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