Plastic, Stainless Or Ceramic—How To Choose A Perfect Travel Mug – A Comparison

Americans love their coffee more than ever if the facts and figures are any indication. One third of the country’s population drinks coffee daily and consume over 3 cups of coffee every day. No matter whether your employees and clients love coffee, cocoa or tea to keep themselves energetic and pepped up, these travel mugs will make a perfect gift choice to get your message across.

How To Choose A Perfect Travel Mug – A Comparison

Regardless of the season or reason, most people love to take their beverage on the move, which means they need a trendy and reliable drinkware to carry it. Here are some of the popular models of travel tumblers that can be considered. Travel mugs are available in a range of material choices including plastic, metal and ceramic mugs. Though the basic objective of all these tumblers is to carry the beverages without spillage and retain its original taste, the material choices will leave an influence on various other factors like the ease of cleaning and the weight of the tumbler among others.

So here is a quick comparison of the features of tumblers in various materials.

Plastic travel tumblers

Plastic travel tumblers will make a great travel companion for sure. Colorful and sleek, these tumblers stand out for its impressive color choices and designs. On the flip side, plastic tumblers can easily absorb flavors of drinks, which could influence the tastes of the drinks. The most affordable among tumblers, plastic tumblers are light weight and non brittle which makes it a great choice for every age group including kids.

Here are some of the head turning models that you can consider.

18 Oz Groovy Double Wall Tumblers: The attractive ergonomic design coupled with the comfortable grip and enjoyable sipping experience will make these double wall BPA free plastic tumblers a popular choice. Offered in a palette of attractive colors, these tumblers will highlight your message in style.Personalized 18 Oz Groovy Double Wall Tumblers

22 Oz Thermo Insulated Mugs: These insulated mugs that are made in USA have double wall construction that keep the drinks in the desired temperature for a long time. The durable construction and user-friendly design will make it a hot choice during promotions.

Custom Imprinted 22 Oz Thermo Insulated Mugs

Metal Tumblers

The most durable among travel tumblers, metal tumblers can retain the heat of the content the longest, which makes it a perfect choice for travelers and holiday makers. The double-walled insulated design of these tumblers will keep the drinks in the desirable temperatures. Most tumblers come with a spill resistant lid and sliding lock that will keep the lid tightly closed. Designed to fit most car cup holders, metal travel tumblers are born crowd pleasers for sure. Get started with our best selling tumblers that will earn you a lot of attention.

Himalayan Tumblers: Tumblers that are not just functional but fashionable too, Himalayan tumblers will make a great addition to the contemporary coffee tables of your employees and clients. Offered in a palette of brilliant colors, these logo items will keep your message and brand well displayed.

Custom Printed 20 Oz Himalayan Tumblers

Stainless Steel Mod Tumblers: These sleek tumblers offer the dual advantage of some of the best color choices and a unique textured surface that will make it visually appealing. Put your brand on and see how these logo items will make your brand the hottest banter topic in town.

16 Oz Promotional Stainless Steel Mod Tumblers

Ceramic Travel mugs

Ceramic  tumblers will bring out the natural flavors of the beverage and makes it taste good even after a long time. However, the fragile nature of these mugs might not make it a perfect choice for people on the move.

13 Oz Cable Knit Ceramic Tumblers will make a perfect custom gift for coffee and tea drinkers who like to savor a variety of flavors. These attractive White Double Wall Ceramic tumblers stand out for its exquisite knitted pattern that will easily grab a few eyeballs. Put your brand and message to make it a perfect holiday gift.

Custom Imprinted 13 Oz Cable Knit Ceramic Tumblers

11 Oz Double Dipper Ceramic Mugs with Stainless Base: Bringing together the best of both the worlds of the strength of metal tumblers and the classic image of ceramic mugs, these mugs make a favorite choice among holiday gifts. Choose from three different color choices and see how these logo items will spread the festive cheer.

Promotional 11 Oz Double Dipper Ceramic Mugs with Stainless Base

Which of these are you planning to use in your promotions? Share your ideas at the comments section.

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