Planning A Wedding Anytime Soon? Here Are A Few Tips That Will Make It Easy

Wedding is one of the most memorable events in every couple’s lives. To pull off an event that is in your dreams is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we at ProImprint have the best kept secrets of making your wedding truly memorable. From custom beverages to shot glasses and tote bags, there is an impressive line-up of personalized gifts to make your wedding day memorable. We can tell you a few fun ways to use these custom gifts in your pre and post wedding celebrations without breaking your budget. These delightful gifts will put your wedding message to life, make your guests happy and will make a long lasting reminder of your very special day.

Planning A Wedding Anytime Soon

First things first

Lets us get started with save the date reminders to make sure that all your guests turn up for the event by helping them to plan the day in advance. Gone are the days when paper invites were used as pre wedding invites. These could get lost or trashed and disappear into oblivion when your wedding guests look for it.

24 Oz Collapsible Can Insulators will make a cute way to say how much you look forward to see your guests make it to the big day. Highly useful, compact and offered in a range of colors, collapsible can insulators will make a great reminder and a great pre wedding gift for your guests. Customize these by imprinting your name, date and message to bring in a personal touch to the gesture. These daily use custom gifts will not just encourage your guests to set aside their time but will delight your guests for a very long time even after the wedding.

24 Oz Promotional Logo Collapsible Can Insulator

Gifts for Bridesmaids

Make sure to shop for some gifts for the bridesmaids to make them feel special. Custom Totes or 6 Oz Classic Flutes will make perfect gift options to consider. Customize it with your message and artwork and they will surely love these items that will make wonderful additions to their daily use items. You can even think of handing out custom calendars that they will find useful in keeping a count on the D day. A custom T-shirt imprinted with the word “bridesmaid” is another option to get your wedding day squad up on their feet for the big celebration.

Customized 6 Oz Classic Flutes

Wedding gifts

Now the next thing to list out for the day will be the wedding gifts for your guests to thank them for having graced the occasion. These thank you gifts will surely make your guests feel well appreciated. You can choose gift items like picture frames, metal tumblers or aroma therapy kits that are imprinted with your wedding dates and message. If you are looking a gift on a low budget, choose custom magnets that look good on fridge doors. These gifts will continue to make memories for a long time and will remind your guests about the wedding day.

4 x 6 Inch Custom Designer Aluminum Picture Frames

Outdoor wedding staples

Now that we are in the spring season, most couples will be keen on planning an outdoor wedding event. Choose from various items like sunglasses or sunscreen that will help your guests to make it through the ceremony. Be it on the beach, the pool side or farm, these custom items will make your guests well prepared for the hot and sultry day ahead and keep them feel good and look great as they watch you enter the wedlock! You can even handout wedding goodie bags with sunglasses, lipbalm, hand fans or sunscreen, which will leave them fresh as a slice of cucumber all through. Guests will surely love these gifts that they can use immediately.

Make your wedding the biggest event of the year for every guest with these unique custom gifts. These logo items will not just create excitement and anticipation but will make your guests feel part of the ceremony.

Do leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on these wedding favor ideas.

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