Plan Your Promotions For The Events And Observances In The Month Of April

April is probably one of the prettiest months of the year- think about the spring season, April showers and the nature in full bloom. The month of April also has a lot of interesting events and observances to its credit that can be incorporated in your promotions. Here is a quick overview of some of the interesting and inspiring events that are lined up for the days ahead.

Events And Observances In The Month Of April

April Fool

Kick off the month by tickling the funny bones of your recipients by handing out some quirky, funny and downright crazy handouts from ProImprint that are well suited for April Day. Be it a tradeshows, store promotions or awareness events, these logo items are well suited for any event that you may be hosting in April. Smile Poppers will make a great gift item to consider as these silly toys will leave everyone in splits as these pop and jump! A great way to sneak in your brand in a fun and light hearted manner. Anyone who sees these crazy toys will be tempted to try it out for themselves, which means your message will be spread across an extended audience.

Smile Poppers

April 7th is World Health Day

With the Covid-19 scare on, world health day this year has more significance than ever!  Health is wealth; help your recipients stay safe by handing out custom  sanitizing products ; this day will be perfect to make your brand part of the healthy living style of your recipients. Be it fitness items, the basic essentials of wet wipes and hand sanitizers or pill boxes and more, we have a lot of gift items that make perfect options for the World Health Day. These are perfect for health awareness events, as employee gifts and more.

Custom Pocket Size Wet Wipe Canister

April 10th is Golfer’s Day

The fact that there is an exclusive day for golfers shows the sheer popularity and passion that the game of golf enjoys in the country. Celebrate the game of golf and its avid followers by handing out our custom golf products. Imprint your brand and message on these to ensure a personal touch. Everytime your recipients enjoy a game of tee, your brand on this will be put on a proud parade. Some of the gift items to consider include golf towels, golf bags, balls and golf umbrellas among others.

Promotional Hemmed Lightweight Golf Towels

April 12th is Easter

Easter, the festival of hope and resurrection is the best time to share joy and optimism. Chocolates and egg shaped stress relievers are some of the gift items to consider. Those who are planning to bake cakes at home as they host an elaborate Easter spread will find these custom measuring spoons a highly functional gift. Browse along to find more gifts that can be used for an Easter themed promotions. These make great employee gifts and party favors as well

Customized Swivel Measuring Spoons

April 22nd is Earth Day

Think green, think future with these ecofriendly gift items that won’t add up to the landfills and increase the carbon footprints! Leave your brand imprints instead in the minds of your customers with some of these trending green gift items like wood and recycled pens, metal water bottles, recycled jotter and pen and much more! Reports show that customers endorse brands that are nature friendly and employ sustainable promotions. So, make sure that your brand joins the elite bandwagon of companies that are ecofriendly. April 22nd is also Jelly Bean day; Why not celebrate it on a sweet note with custom jelly beans, which your recipients will never be able to resist!

Custom Printed Pencil-Look Pens

April 26th is Pretzels day

Pretzels has become one of the top 10 popular snacks in USA. The average U.S. citizen consumes up to two pounds of pretzels per year and to cater to the growing fan base of Pretzels, restaurants and bakeries have been adding more varieties of Pretzels to their menu. The global pretzel market is projected to reach a value of 491.3 million USD by 2024! Leave the Pretzel fans in your customer list spoilt for choices with custom pretzels from ProImprint.

Custom Imprinted Pretzel Filled Bags

So, how do you plan to go about your brand promotions for April? Tell us your ideas at the comments section.

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