Plan Your Promotions For The College Colors Day With Sports Themed Gift Items

The College Colors Day that falls on August-September might still be a few months away. But it is the right time to kick off the football season with our exciting range of college promotional items.

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Get your young audience cheer for your team and flaunt your team spirit with these logo items. So, here we go with some of the trending team spirit items that will get your audience right on their feet to cheer the home team to victory.

Let your imagination fly as we at ProImprint have everything that you could ask for. Think different and be original with these exciting logo items that will flaunt the team spirit all through the football season.

Here are some of the gift ideas that you can consider.

When it comes to team spirit items, the first item that pops up in everyone’s mind will be logo T shirts. Choose a T shirt in your team color and wear it wherever you can. It will make a great billboard for your team. Make sure to imprint your team logo or mascot on these T shirts to make it a perfect gift for not just the college colors day but also for the whole sports season.

Custom hats and caps: Round off the sportive dressing style of your recipients with these custom caps and hats. The best part is that these stylish accessories will look great with your promotional T shirts. It will make a great free gift all round the year for a long time even after the sports frenzy dies down!Promotional Logo Imprinted Sweatshirt Caps

Logo imprinted Tumblers will not just make their refreshment break more interesting but will also spread team spirit. Tumblers being everyday items in homes, offices or even on the go, and will ensure a regular impression for your brand.

16 Oz Sedici Tumblers with Straws

Can there be a better gift to celebrate the football season than football shaped gifts afterall? Choose from an eye popping collection of themed gifts like football hot and cold packs to football stress relievers  among many others. These will make great gifts for schools, sports leagues and booster clubs among others. Budget friendly and a wee bit different from the customary freebies that people get, these logo products will never fail to grab the attention of your recipients

Football Stress Relievers

With a whole lot of sports themed activities and events going on in schools and universities, the sports season will make a busy time to get your brand up and ticking. The pep rallies and the tailgating parties that extend all through the season will give you ample scope to flaunt your team spirit and colors this year.

So, what are you waiting for? Kick off the sports season with a big bang with these logo items from ProImprint and ensure that your team colors and mascot is put on a proud parade all through the football season!

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