Plan your Promotions for July 2021 Health Awareness Events

Though the month of July is more popular for the July 4th fireworks and parades, summer fun and outdoor excitement, it is equally famous for a bouquet of health awareness events. For marketers that wish to highlight their social commitment can make their brand popular during these important events.


Awareness events will give you a perfect opportunity to align your brand with a social cause that could make a difference in the world around. Show that you care by handing out custom health and wellness giveaways while your brand gets a decent display.

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Here are some of the important health awareness events in July, where you can associate your brand with a notable social cause.

Healthy Vision Month

Spread awareness about eye health and the importance of healthy vision by organizing awareness events, fund raising events or though promotional giveaways like eye masks, sunglasses, eye shaped Keychains and more. Add your awareness message and logo to make it a long lasting reminder ior your audience.

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UV Safety Awareness Month

July is UV safety awareness month and a perfect time to make people aware of the UV risks posed by consistent exposure to sun’s rays. Marketers that wish to be part of the social cause can consider custom giveaways like UV resistant sunglasses that will ensure ye protection.

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Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Help the children maintain an active and, productive lifestyle by spreading awareness on Juvenile arthritis. An estimated 300,000 children in the United States have a form of arthritis. Giveaways like plush toys, T shirts, bracelets, bandanas etc will make great promotional gifts to spread the word or raise funds for the cause.

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World Hepatitis Day (July 28)

Approximately 4.4 million Americans are affected with chronic hepatitis B and C and most people live on without knowing that they have hepatitis. Spread awareness of the risks of  hepatitis and the best way to stay safe by organizing health runs, awareness events and health camps, Some of the handouts that can be considered include custom hats and caps, drinkware items or tote bags among others. Customize these with your brand and message and every time your recipients use these highly practical  items, they will be making others aware about hepatitis along with your brand name.

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Make your promotional campaign part of these social causes to highlight your responsible marketing at its best. Browse our  regularly updated collection of custom promotional products to  get your audience engaged  while popularizing your brand. Should you need any assistance, reach out to our team to make it fun and easy.