Plan A Fun Filled Fall Promotion With Custom Frisbees

Advertisements need not be serious and thought provoking at all times! Add a fun twist to your outdoor fall season promotions with custom frisbees Spread your word while your recipients stay active with these fun toys. The best part – any business right from pet stores to amusement parks and beach resorts can make use of the popularity of frisbees in their promotions.


Golf clubs

Golf clubs , booster clubs and sports leagues can brand Frisbees to get their message across. Get team name, mascot or website details on a Frisbee and see how the popularity of your team hits the sky- literally! Choose a Frisbee in your team color  to make it more memorable.

Camping holidays

Looking for a great handout to promote your camping site or holiday packages? Look no further than custom Frisbees. A top favorite among kids and kids at heart, frisbees will make  a perfect activity during holidays and every time your recipients indulge in a game of catch, your message will get all eyes on it!

Pet Stores

Frisbees make popular pet toys as well and a great way to keep the pets active and well worked out. Your pets will love to chase the frisbees and be part of the family fun with these logo items. Hand it out as store promotional items or even free handouts during milestone events. Your brand imprinted on these will get a lot of eyeballs in dog parks as well.

 Now for some great customization tips to turn these popular toys to your promotional items

Choose the best color

Frisbees come in just about any color you can imagine. So, match it up with your brand color or theme to make it even more fabulous. For instance, if you are using custom frisbees as part of breast cancer awareness events, choose pink colored Frisbees that complement the event.

An attractive design

Make sure that your artwork stands out prominently against the background and is easily readable. Think of something fun like jokes or puzzles to make it more engaging. A  short and power packed slogan will look great on a frisbee! Use larger fonts to make it easily readable. Slogans and taglines make it easy for your audience to remember your brand and your services.

Confetti Flyers with 6 Colors

Models to die for

Frisbees are available in various sizes right from smalls discs to large ones. Choose a model that will match the tastes of your audience. For instance, if you are  promoting a kids fashion brand, small sized flyers will be a better choice.

Custom Printed Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers are well suited for Halloween promotions, night events, music concerts and more. get your brand on display  in front of the night audience and get ready to get mobbed!

5 Inch Personalized Glow-in-the-Dark Flyers

Direct Process Printed 9-1/4″ Flyers:  Make your promotions as colorful and dramatic as you fancy with these shatter resistant flyers that are made in USA. The Direct process imprint option will take your creative possibilities to the next level.

Direct Process Printed 9-1/4

Zing Ring Flyers: Reach out to your pet loving audience with these flying discs made of dog-friendly polymer. These are perfect giveaways for dog fashion shows, dog-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Zing Ring Flyers

Need more? We have an exclusive section for custom Frisbees, which will make it easy for you to choose an appropriate model in no time!