Photo Props That Make Your Wedding Snaps Truly Out Of The World!

Getting married anytime soon? You can easily make your wedding snaps truly special by the clever usage of props that create the right mood and infuse life and beauty into the frames. The big plus is that these props can double up as décor in your home after the photo session.

photo props

Get started with these interesting props that will double up as wedding invitations or as even keepsakes.

Wedding umbrellas

Ornate wedding parasols in beautiful colors and intricate design will make a great addition to an outdoor wedding setting. Celebrate the warm sunny day or the slight drizzle in spring with these wedding umbrellas. Did we say that these are great personalized gifts for a vintage wedding?

What you like: Wedding umbrellas can make your snaps dramatically beautiful and will create a romantic feel to the snaps of your first kiss as a couple.

What you may not like: On the flip side, it may stand out like a sore thumb on a perfect and pleasant weather day!

wedding couple at the green forest under umbrella

wedding couple at the green forest under the umbrella


Confetti is tons of fun and color; just toss it up and as it gets scattered around, you get a wonderful opportunity to click some amazing snapshots.

What you like: Confetti will give fun vibes to your frames!

What you may not like:  Overdoing confetti could make your snaps look gaudy and make the couple look like a pale shadow. Be sure to use it in moderate quantity to create the right feel.

Balloons  are the life of any party

Ever fancied a fairy tale wedding that will add a pop of color to your special moments? Make sure to shop for these giant custom balloons that set the backdrop of some of the most whimsical snaps you can ever think of!  Once you are done with your photo session, you use it as chair markers much to the delight of the guests!

What you like: Balloons are available in a range of beautiful colors; choose colors that complement the event.

What you may not like: Some of your friends may find childish, so use only what is needed!

Balloon 2


A must-have for any outdoor wedding, sunglasses will make even ordinary snapshots cute. You can even get your initials or wedding date imprinted on these accessories to make it great party favors or groomsmen gifts. Make sure to order in surplus for every one of your guests; they will love the fun!

What you like: Sunglasses are available in colors and styles that match your face type and the overall theme of your event. You can even get your initials or wedding date imprinted on these accessories to make it a great party favor

What you may not like: Dark sunglasses may not suit all face types and may not look good in snaps. Choose the right models for the desired effect.

wedding portraits

Colored Smoke

Create a mystic background with colored smoke that will create a romantic feel to the snaps of your first kiss as a couple. Freeze these moments on to the frames to create wonderful memories.

What you like: The dramatic effect!

What you may not like: If the wind is blowing towards the couple, they may end up with smoke covering their face! Fire hazard while using outdoors and wooded areas. Be careful not to burn your fingers while disposing off the used color bombs! Oops


Planning an early spring, fall or winter wedding? Blankets will make a great prop and a perfect way to cozy up during the outdoor photo shoot. You can choose imprinted blankets as wedding gifts or as bridal shower handouts.  Dark colored blankets make the couple more photogenic as well.

What you like: Dark colored blankets make the couple more photogenic. Strike a perfect pose to bring out the beauty

What you may not like: You may look poorly if you do not smile wide!

Just married signs

These props never seem to go out of trend! Just married signs will add charm and beauty to your post-wedding snaps.  Attach it to your bike or the back of a vintage car as you drive off to a happy-ever-after life. It will make a picture of a lifetime and a great way to sign off the wedding day.  Go for it; you will love the attention it earns for you!

What you like: A subtle sign board will give a fairy tale charm to your wedding moments

What you may not like: Anything big and bold might steal the limelight from the couple!

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