Personalized Handouts For the Beach On Every Budget

Given a choice, hitting the beach on hot summer days is what most Americans will want to do! We have compiled some great giveaways that will enhance the beach fun of your audience while promoting your brand. Offered in a wide range of models and price rates, these custom handouts are synonymous with any summer event!

happy female friends having fun on tropical beach, women wearing dresses and sunglasses traveling on vacation in Thailand with bicycle, summer fashion trend


Having a pair of UV resistant sunglasses is the smartest way to stay UV safe in the sunny outdoors. Choose from a wide range of trendy models like Malibu sunglasses, Oahu sunglasses and navigator sunglasses with UV resistant lenses. Your logo and message imprinted on the frames or lens will get a lot of attention wherever your prospects go!

If you are looking for something more of fun and fashionable, settle for models like lens imprinted models, neon sunglasses or color changing sunglasses among others.

Personalized AWS Court Sunglasses


Put your brand on a panoramic display- literally with custom Frisbees. Offered in various colors, sizes and interesting models like glow in the dark models, Frisbees are popular summer giveaways on a budget. Designed to fly high, these toys will make your branding fun and playful for sure. Just think of the tremendous visibility your brand imprinted on these logo items will get in parks, beaches and camping sites as your recipients and even their pets chase these colorful flyers!

Imprinted Small Discus


Shield your clients and employees from the damaging UV rays of the sun without compromising on the summer outdoor fun with custom sunscreen. Choose from various options like carabiner sunscreen or combo models with lip balm or bug repellents among others. These sun protection items are often exchanged among friends and family members and hence your message imprinted on these will get a wider audience than you think.

SPF30 Sunscreen Lotions with Carabiner and SPF15 Lip Balms

Water Bottles

Staying cool in summer will be on the minds of most people. Choose practical gifts like water bottles that will be of use to your potential customers to stay cool. Your brand name or logo imprinted on these everyday items will stand out easily. Choose from various models including BPA free plastic water bottles, insulated metal bottles and glass bottles.

20 Oz AquaSoul™ Flask-Style Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

Hand Fans

Add a retro twist to your summer events and outdoor campaigns with these delightful hand fans. These brilliantly colored hand fans will end up as a perfect décor item or a souvenir after the event. You can even choose misting hand fans or  battery operated models to enhance the experience of the users.

Custom Imprinted Slim and Slender Misting Fans

Cooler bags

Offer the luxury of chilled beverages and fresh fruits for your prospects even on a scalding summer day on the beach by offering custom cooler bags. Choose from various models, colors and price rates to match your promotional theme.

Snow Roller 6-pack Cooler Bags

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