Personal Safety and Social Distancing Products that Your Business Needs

The lock down phase has been hard for everyone including businesses. It has become difficult not just to carry out their business operations but to meet and interact with their customers and keep them close. Let’s be frank about it! Social distancing norms and safety protocols are likely to be in force for some more time where everyone is required to keep a little distance.


 So how do you maintain a safe space for both your employees and your beloved customers? That’s where social distancing products become your new best friends.  It helps you to put safety measures in place and make your customers feel safe while you increase the footfalls and the sales you do. As more companies reopen, customers look for businesses that seriously implement the safety norms.

Here are some custom personal care items that can be considered

Hand washing stations

Set up hand washing stations at checkouts and doorways for both incoming and outgoing customers. It will instill a sense of confidence in consumers and reduce the spread of germs and contamination risks considerably.


Customers like to inspect things before they make a purchase, which means that they will leave a trail of their touch points on various items in your store. Every time they pick up items or push a cart, which is shared by different customers the risks of contamination becomes fairly high. This is what makes hand sanitizers important. Handout small sanitizer bottles labeled with your logo and company info for customers so that they will leave with clean and sterile hands and your brand.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner


 Most viruses are transmitted through droplet infections from people who may be carriers or sick. Make facemasks mandatory for everyone. You can handout custom facemasks that are imprinted with your brand and message for customers who may not have masks with them. Show that you care while your brand gets closer to your audience.

100% Cotton USA Made Masks

Disposable masks can also be handed out for those customers who may not have a mask handy. Stock up these single-use masks on hand for whenever customers or employees forget their masks at home.

Disposable 3-Ply Face Masks

Reusable face masks are great giveaways for employees because these can be washed and reused like any other part of their uniform. Customize it with your company logo, mascot or artwork to make it stand out.

Printed Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

Safety Shields

Your employees at the billing counter may have to come in contact with the shoppers as they are cashing out. Face shields will keep your employees safe from exposure. You can also install safety barriers on counter tops to ensure a safe distance.

Face Shields with Elastic Band

Safety signs

Make sure to display safety signs and floor decals that will remind the customers to keep their distance while they shop and move around and space out while waiting in line. You can also use banners and signs to help the customers navigate your stores and follow guidelines. Choose from various models and sizes to match your needs.  It will also add a pop of fun colors and festive feel to the spaces.

Awareness magnets

These full color magnets can be stuck to the billing counter and filing cabinets as a reminder for your customers of the health tips they need to follow.

Printed Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Social Distancing in Office Spaces

Lunch time chats and water cooler banter sessions are not yet ended. Your team can still have fun in a safe way by sticking to the social distancing norms.

Here are some tips to create a new and improved workspace with office social distancing

Set Up Hygiene Stations: First things first. Set up hand sanitizing stations at the entrance and exit of the office or provide a bottle of hand sanitizer to each employee.

Space Out:  Social distancing is as important as personal hygiene and sanitation. Make sure to  leave adequate space between the  employees and encourage the team to maintain distancing at break rooms and lobby as well. The work desks should be at least six feet apart.

Use Desk Shields: If your team has to interact with visiting clients, make sure to install transparent safety barrier to reduce the risks of droplet infections.

Use Antimicrobial items:  Provide antimicrobial pens, wet wipes, antigerm utility tools etc   for employees and clients to prevent the spread of germs.

Anti Germ Utility Tool with Stylus

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