Pens continue to be the Most Popular Promotional Items even in 2016!

If you thought pens have become obsolete in this technological age of robots and space vehicles, you could be in for a surprise. Branded Pens continue to be one of the most effective promotional items even today. Not just to promote your brand but to support a cause, thank someone or to make your employees appreciated.

The 2016 product impression study of ASI ( Advertising specialty industry) says that 50% of customers in USA own promotional pens! This is a solid proof on why marketers rely on these ubiquitous writing supply items in their promotional campaigns even today. Every time pens get passed around in offices, banks or schools, your brand will be exposed among your target audience countless times. Imprint your logo, message or even QR codes on these popular gift items to drive your customers to your online shopping site.

For business owners, pens often come as valuable as business cards to introduce their brand. While business cards get trashed or lost easily, logo pens enjoy a high retention for its practical use. Every time your recipients pull out these branded pens from their pockets or off the penholders, your message gets reinforced in their minds.

Why promotional pens
If you are still thinking, we can give you a few more big advantages that these nondescript logo items are bestowed with.

Budget friendly: The cheap price factor will make pens the trusted option for marketers on a promotional budget. The price advantage will make these items a great idea for mass promotions like tradeshows and fund raising events

Versatile: Looking for a neutral and functional gift idea that will go well with everyone in your target audience? Look no further than custom pens as everyone needs pens in their everyday lives.

Regular impressions: Pens ensure a high ROI thanks to the regular impression that it earns unlike many other promotional techniques like newspaper ads or radio spots.

Mailer campaigns: Light weight and easy to store and distribute, custom pens make excellent items for mailer campaigns.

We also have rounded up a few of our top selling logo pens to get you started right away

Metal pens: Reusable, long lasting and environment friendly, metal pens are great for awareness campaigns, promotional events and fund raising activities. Available in a range of exciting colors and models, businesses can choose pens that complement their corporate color theme or message.Promotional Winston Metal Pens

Combo pens : Ensure more utility to your recipients with these combo pen-sets and ensure a higher retention for your corporate gifts. Choose from a range of combo gifts including pens and keychain sets or roller pens and ball point pen combo and see how these value added gifts will make your clients hardcore fans of your brand.Custom Ballpoint Pen / Rollerball Pen Gift Sets

Light up pens: Add a fun twist to your brand promotions by handing out these dazzling light-up pens that will not just light up your logo but the faces of your audience as well. Choose from a range of attractive models.Custom Printed Light Up Bouncy Ball Pen

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