Oscar Party Ideas for Employee Appreciation day!

Oscar Party Ideas for Employee Appreciation day!

Have you ever thought that there is a Joaquin Phoenix out there in your organization? Maybe a Scarlet Johansson, or a Brad Pitt in your workplace? Your office place is a diverse universe and there you can find extraordinary talents just like that. And you might admire many of them for their contribution to your initiatives. Well, it’s that time of the year, to recognize and appreciate your employees! On March 6th, we are celebrating employee appreciation day and as usual, you might have planned something pleasant for your employees. But if you have thoughts to plan this out in an extraordinary outlook, here we are, ready to help you! This time, let’s take your employee appreciation event to the next level, or should we say, to the Oscar level?!

You can literally create your own academy awards for your employees and make them feel special. From the invitation to award night, from the red carpet to thanking speech, you can bring out the class in everything. So let’s get to the limelight now!


Step 1: Start with the invitation


It’s a privilege to receive an invitation from the academy for the awards. This is actually where it begins. So just like that, you can invite your employees to this function a month earlier with invitation cards. Now the twist part is like, you are not giving them a usual invitation. Get custom magnets for your employee invitation letters and envelope it to give the class outlook. You can even invite your clients for this function and make it a grand event by appreciating your employees in front of them.


Step 2: Nomination

For all the awards and recognition, you might have a list of employees from your company. How do you choose the right one for the right award? Here, the management team can do a nomination. For each and every award, the management can choose five best employees and make a list out of it.





Step 3: The Booklet of Events

So, coming up next is the event schedule. Once the event schedule is sorted, you can print event booklets for your employees. This will have a detailed timeline of your event. You could arrange entertainment programs along with the employee honouring event. Along with this booklet, the management can disclose the nominations for every award they are planning to give.


Step 4: Ballot Box

 So, as of now, you have decided on the event, nominees and everything else, but how do you select the winner? Let’s take it in the ballot box. You can arrange a ballot box for all the nominations and let your employees put answers in it based on their knowledge. Anyhow, the final decision can be made by the management by analyzing the actual performance of the employee, and that’s how the academy awards are decided, right?






Step 5: Oscar!


Appreciation will never be complete without a memento or some valuable gifts! Recognize your talents by giving them promotional trophies and awards. Logo printed crystal awards can be designed to appreciate your employees in the ceremony. This is not it! You can get customized products for the event such as water bottles, notepads, printed t-shirts, anything and everything promotional to boost your company.






Step 6: And the Oscar goes to…!


Yes, the event is here! You have all sorts of awards with you. Your clients and employees are there. You are one step ahead to choose the winner! Just make it more Oscar-ish by creating a set of awards such as best performer-male, best performer-female, the best supporting character  ( team lead/manager),  best debutant ( as in best one from the freshers) etc. Set everything just like the academy awards and make the day more authentic and unforgettable, both to your employees and your clients.