November 2016 Holidays, Observances and Awareness Dates: Plan Your Promotions!

The month of November brings a flurry of interesting events including the big fat Thanksgiving festivities, high frenzied shopping bonanza of Black Friday and its little cousin of Cyber Monday among others.

In this blog, we are covering some of the other important events slated for the month of November for the sake of marketers who wish to make these events the theme of their promotions.


National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: It could be a paradox that it is celebrated in the week just before Thanksgiving, the festival of lavish spreads, turkey delicacies and leftovers for many more days! It is observed to organize fund raising events and spread awareness about the painful truth that even today there are people who are hungry and homeless. Some of the items that can be considered include aprons, caps, pens and T shirts among others. Your employees who volunteer at a local food kitchen or homeless shelter can also be given these logo items imprinted with your brand and message, which will highlight your social commitment.

Aviation History Month: Honor the history of flight and the wizards who made it possible for all of us to fly. Celebrate this milestone by handing out appropriate gift items like these delightful Paper Penny Airplanes that are perfect for hospitality, travel and airline related services. These airplane shaped boomerangs not just take your message into the high sky but will also spread awareness about aviation history. Airplane Shaped Bag Tag with ID Card is another handy gift item to consider during this event. Every time your recipients see these delightful luggage tags, they will surely think about not just your brand but this event as well.

Promotional Logo Airplane Shaped Bag Tag with ID Card

International Creative Child and Adult Month: Infuse creativity into the lives of both kids and adults during November. Be it painting, dancing, arts and crafts or more, enhance the latest talents in your patrons and employees by organizing arts and cultural events in schools and community. Some of the logo items that can be considered during the occasion of international creative child and adult month include pens and pencil sets, Tambourines and guitar shaped keychains and more. You can even organize cookery contests or painting competitions to make your brand part of their creative activities.

Promotional Assorted Black with Neon Tambourines

National Hospice Month: November is National Hospice Month. It is a perfect time to spread awareness about the valuable contributions these healthcare professionals in ensuring a healthy society. Reports show that 468,000 trained volunteers put in 21 million hours of service all together every year in the country! This event makes a perfect time to spread awareness of the hospice care in the lives of the patients and to thank the caregivers by handing out appropriate gifts items like heart shaped stress relievers, hot and cold gel packs and more. . Hospitals and community health centers can personalize these with their brand and message and show their supporters, donors and recipients how much you care.

Logo Imprinted Heart Shape Hot and Cold Gel Packs

National Scholarship Month: Raise awareness about scholarships for both future and current university level students and encourage the talented youngsters for applying. Schools, universities and career fairs can all promote National Scholarship Month with custom supplies such as notebooks and pens that will get those creative juices flowing.

Promotional Logo Mini Spiral Notebooks with 7 Colors

Now that you have an overview of the events in November, all you need to do is visit our site for the most appropriate promotional gifts and tips. Should you need more information or suggestions, just make a call.

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