November 11th Is Veterans Day – Plan Your Promotions

Veterans Day celebrates the service of all living U.S. military veterans. It makes a great occasion for businesses to show their commitment and honor to the veterans during their brand promotions. This special occasion is marked by parades and church services and in many places the American flag is hung at half mast.


History of Veterans Day

On November 11th 1918, an Armistice was signed between the allies and Germany that marked the end of hostility of WWI. But soon peace gave way to turmoil during WWII, after which, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a day to honor every Veteran of war. It is a day to show the utmost respect towards those who served our country, who sacrificed for our freedom and to educate the youth on the importance of this holiday.

Business owners can choose to be part of the rich traditions of the country like Veterans Day that have been important in America for decades by handing out appropriately themed promotional gifts, running charity events or awareness campaigns among others.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for Veterans Day.

  • Custom Pens are easy to imprint and make essential items for everyone. Imprint your logo, message and national flag emblem to make it a patriotic gift item. Budget friendly and highly effective, these log pens will take your message far and wide during Veterans Day celebrations. Hand these out during parades and events and impart a nationalist theme for your brand promotion.

Custom Twin Write Highlighter Pens

  • Drinkware items: Make great giveaways that everybody will find useful. The generous imprint area of these drinkware items can be used to carry your logo and a Veterans Day message.

25 Oz Customized Stainless Wave Water Bottle with 5 Colors

  • Tote Bags: Tote bags are reusable and always make great promo gifts! Get connected with your community by handing out their purchases in a custom tote with a Veterans Day message and your logo. This will also popularize the use of reusable bags in your community. Custom tote bags are born crowd pleasers and on this special occasion, these popular gifts can be used to educate the youth on the importance of Veterans Day

Personalized Campster Computer Tablet Tote Bags

  • Falling at the fag-end of the year, Veterans Day is a great time to hand out calendar magnets for 2016 as these will ensure a year-long promotion and a jump start for your brand promotion. Imprint national flag patterns and colors on these custom magnets to evoke a patriotic feel that will go down well with the promotional theme.

3.5x4 Custom Printed Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corner

  • Logo Imprinted Military Caps: Hand out these imprinted military caps that can be imprinted with a Veteran’s day message and your logo to employees, customers or event attendees. Pay your respects and spread awareness about this great day. These Military caps from ProImprint are also made in the USA!

Logo Imprinted Military Caps

So, how are you planning to honor the Veterans in your community? ProImprint has a fabulous collection of promotional products for all the parades, remembrance events and fundraisers. Shop today!

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