National Hand Washing Awareness Week ( Infographics)

The first week of December is observed as  National Hand Washing Awareness Week to make people aware of the importance of hand hygiene.  Making a habit of good hand hygiene is an easy, effective way to prevent infections. This awareness week assumes a greater significance than ever in the post pandemic new normal world in 2020.



National Hand Washing Awareness Week is sponsored by Henry the Hand Foundation to remind people about the importance of  hand-washing, especially this time of year that happens to be  cold and flu season!

Why hand washing is crucial
Here are some facts and figures that will inspire you to take  the mundane task of washing hands seriously.

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80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch!

Hand washing is the most effective way to stay safe from germs and prevent its spread

An average of 67% people in US cities washes their hands after using public toilet. Chicago tops the list with 83 % while New York is at the bottom with only 50%

Washing hands for 20 seconds using  hand sanitizers with at least 62% of alcohol or soap and water can eliminate most germs

Damp hands are 1,000 times more likely to spread bacteria than dry hands. So make sure to dry the hands after washing.

Hands and nails gather germs as people go about their daily activities

Studies show that people who wash their hands have 24% less sick days because of respiratory illness, and 51% fewer sick days due to a sick stomach.


Businesses can encourage their employees to  wash  their  hands several times a day. Provide sanitizers and wet wipes for their use and  and use #NationalHandWashingWeek to post on social media to spread the word. The more you wash your  hands, the safer from illnesses you’ll be!