Money Heist 3 Promotional giveaway ideas

The most awaited gang is back in action! Once again the trend is switching to Red jumpsuits and Dali Masks! Money Heist AKA La Casa De Papel is here with their brand new season, and it’s time for some promotional giveaways. This Spanish series just made a brilliant comeback from its second season. It’s time to grab the Dali mask and get some robberies done! Before going forward, we are letting you know that there are no spoilers ahead! Read through if you have watched the first and second seasons of La casa de Papel!

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If you are looking for some giveaway ideas based on Money Heist 3, you are in the right place! Coz, here you’ll find some cool Money Heist Promotional products!

Red Jersey Zip Hood Sweatshirt

The best heist in history comes with the best jumpsuit! The iconic red jumpsuit is nothing but a gem from Money Heist. Every fan deserves a jumpsuit, but we cannot ignore that they are way too uncomfortable to pull over! Well, if not a jumpsuit, what’s next? A lightweight Jersey zip hood sweatshirt! Send promotional red hood sweatshirts so the viewers can wear it while having a binge-watch party!

Men's Lightweight Jersey Zip Hood Sweatshirt

Berlin hat

Everybody freaked out when they saw Andreas AKA Berlin once again, on the screen in season 3 trailers. Is he back, or is it just a flashback, nobody knows until they watch season 3! Even then, we all have noticed Berlin’s new style complementing black fedora hat. Get custom printed black snazzy fedora hats to those who are so into Berlin and Bella Ciao!

Custom Printed Snazzy Fedora Hats


Remember the butterfly red sunglasses Tokyo wore in episode 5 of season 1? The one with red thick frames? For all those Rio and Tokyo out there, there is no better giveaway than this red custom promotional Malibu Sunglasses. Print La Casa De Papel or the character names on to it and set it to float around!

Promotional Malibu Sunglasses

Promotional T-shirts                                                       

Every fan out there has a favorite robber from the gang. Be it the hothead Tokyo, or the lover boy Rio, or maybe the master guy everyone calls Professor! Everybody root for at least one of them and that’s why it is a big deal to send custom printed t-shirts as giveaways. Print Team Tokyo/ Team Berlin or whatever robbers on Cotton Crew Neck T-shirts and send it across to all the fans. Let them root for their favorite robber while watching the crime thriller!

Imprinted Next Level Men's Poly / Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts

Touch Screen Gloves

Every robbery needs gloves, the one identity element that eliminates proofs. Get these awesome custom imprinted touch screen gloves in a pouch and distribute it among the fans. It is time for some serious heist!

Explore more and pick everything you find relatable to Money Heist! Lock your giveaway products and set the trend!