May 31st is World Tobacco Day- Spread Awareness With Custom Handouts From Proimprint

World Tobacco Day, which falls on May 31st, makes one of the eight official public health campaigns by WHO. As per the reports of 2014, nearly 40 million American adults smoke cigarettes, which makes it the leading cause of preventable disease and death. It is estimated that cigarette smoking accounts for over 480,000 deaths every year.

Every year, on the World tobacco Day, federal government and private organizations organize anti-smoking campaigns and awareness drives. Business owners and nonprofit organizations also pitch in by handing out appropriate custom handouts or by conducting fund raising events for health care organizations.

Make sure to choose interesting and practical handouts that will remind your recipients not just the anti-tobacco message but your business message as well.

Here are some popular custom handouts that can be considered.

Ribbon shaped magnets: Spread awareness about the risks of smoking by handing out these popular awareness magnets. These will keep your recipients feel special of being part of a cause. Great for community events and mailer campaigns.2.6875x2.25 Customized Ribbon Shape Awareness Full Color Magnets

T-shirts: T-shirts are popular among all age groups and enjoy a high retention among the recipients. Imprint your logo, message and no smoking slogan to make it a value added handout that everyone will cherish.Custom Printed Next Level Sporty V-Neck T-Shirts

Pens: Popular since time immemorial, promotional pens are here to stay for sure. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how people remember your brand many times, every day.Customized Plastic Tri-Grip Pens

Ceramic mugs: Inspire your audience to stay healthy and say NO to tobacco with these attractive ceramic mugs. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these custom drinkware items will make your message their cup of tea!11 Oz Custom Printed Budget Mugs

Towels: The massive imprint area of towels is what makes these perfect handouts for awareness events like walkathon and marathon. Low in cost, yet high in popularity, logo imprinted towels are something that not many people can resist. Available in various colors, custom towels can be customized with your corporate color theme as well.Promotional Logo Cooling Sport Towels

Chocolates: Treat them to chocolates which people find useful in kicking the butt. Studies show that chocolates release the happy hormones of endorphins in the blood stream and make them upbeat and relaxed for a long time. So, why not hand out these logo gifts and see how quickly your recipients who were addicted to nicotine will easily swap sides!Custom Printed Chocolate Squares with 24 Molds

Mints: Most people smoke to beat boredom and to keep themselves awake on a long and dreary day at work. If that is truly the case, these custom mints will surely please everyone. Mint is not just a mouth freshener that people use after a smoke but make little sweet delights that anyone will love to pop into their mouths.Custom Logo Imprinted Spearmint Starlight Mints

Smoking habit can be kicked only by spreading awareness on the importance of staying healthy and the risks of smoking. ProImprint has a range of custom gifts that will suit your branding needs and anti smoking campaigns.

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