Marketing Your Brand the Way You Have Not Done Ever Before

Do you think every tradeshow or business events that you have been conducting off late have turned out to be boring replicas of your previous events? Don’t worry. It is something that every marketer experiences one time or the other in their career. Companies often end up ordering the same products over and over again out of habit or when they don’t have enough time to explore new gift ideas.

Being creative and original with your tradeshow gift ideas and gift booth designs will all go a long way in keeping the attendees engaged and interested. Stay away from those heavily flogged, stale custom gift ideas that have been doing the rounds since time immemorial as these will not do the trick anymore! Customers look forward to interesting and fun gifts and often team up with businesses that dare to be different in their promotions.

So, how do you go about it? We at ProImprint have some clever tips for you that will help to make your marketing events successful and your logo popular.

Pack a twist to your gift ideas
When you attend massive promotional events like tradeshows and business fairs, you may not have a wide selection of promotional gifts to consider because of the budget constraints. Still, have you ever thought that by packing in a surprise element to the gifts you can create a buzz for your brand even with ordinary gift ideas like pens or T shirts?Custom Printed Good Value Flav Metallic Stylus Pens

Turn an ordinary gift into something curious with some clever tips. For instance, stylus pens will be a better gift idea for your recipients than ordinary pens. Now that everyone uses a smart phone to converse and communicate, it will make a trending gift idea. Let your custom gifts show that you are on top of trends. It will not just ensure a better retention among your patrons but will offer a higher value for your promotional dime.

Totes could be common gift ideas. But instead of ordering a common grocery tote, ante up your style with these trending pocket fashion tote bags or women’s fashion tote bags that will leave a long lasting impression among your recipients. Your customers are more likely to use these unique totes that will spread your brand and message further.Promotional Logo Women's Fashion Tote Bags

Engage your audience with fun games and raffle gifts
To get a steady stream of visitors to your tradeshow booth, you need fun and games as well. Let’s be frank about it. Everyone enjoys fun and games. Be it a puzzle, a raffle draw or a surprise gift, plan something that will make your tradeshow booth standout. You can even hand out weekly discount coupons for the tradeshow visitors that will get them back to your stores in a few days time and will ensure a constant interaction with your brand.

So, next time when you are planning a business event, keep these tips in mind and see how your event turns out to be something different.

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