Marketing Strategies That Will Impress Both Pets And Their Masters 

Everyone loves pets and it is a no brainer that around 66% of American households own a pet. Needless to say , to get your brand into this large audience group all you need to do is engage the pet owners! The best part is that you don’t even need to be in the pet business to do this! Any  business organization can plan pet themed  promotional strategies to impress the overwhelming community of pet owners and enhance their brand popularity!

If you haven’t thought about it before, this post could well be for you! Here are some clever tips to engage the pet owners with your brand. The big plus is that any business can adopt these strategies to make their brand popular.

If you are still on fence, these tips ill get you inspired for sure.

Having pet friendly policies in place is indeed a proven way to encourage the pet owners to drop in. For instance, if you have a restaurant or café with an outdoor space, consider reserving the patio for dogs.  Introduce a pet friendly menu and complimentary bowls of pet food.

Likewise, if you a running an office, let the employees bring their pets to their work place on a specific day in a week. Pets are fun and will play a great role in beating stress of the employees and increasing their work productivity.

Retail shops can even put up banners to show they are a pet-friendly establishment. You can even think of hosting pet-centric events from time to time to impress the pet owners.

Better still, marketers can also announce their pet marketing news through social media or email newsletters to spread the word and get more pet lovers through the door. Besides, by marketing to pet owners, you can show customers that your business loves animals.

Here are some steal worthy pet marketing strategies

Include the images of pets in digital marketing: Pets are universally loved. So even if you’re not a pet business, you can still use cute images of dogs, cats, and other pets in your digital marketing content.

Pet freebies: Handing out free giveaways for pets is another effective way to convert your prospects to regular customers. In addition, it will be a solid reason for your pet loving customers to come to your stores more often. Everyone loves swag. Handing out freebies for pets will highlight the fact that you are a pet-loving business. There can’t be a better way to tug the hearts of the pet owners and get them excited.

Now for some interesting gifts and custom pet supplies that any business can incorporate into their campaign.

Collapsible Pet bowl

It is a great handout for any outdoorsy brand. Whether you are promoting camping holidays, hiking trails or travel supplies, including custom pet supplies will obviously make your branding more interesting.

Custom dog rope ring

No dogs can ever have too many toys. This interesting rope toy will make a great giveaway with purchase. Your brand and message imprinted on these toys will remain in plain sight of the pet owners and many others at dog parks, gardens and other outdoor areas.

LED Clip-on Pet Safety Lights

This safety light will also keep the pets safe as they enjoy an evening stroll with their owners. Easy to attach to the dog collars, these safety lights even double up as stylish adornments too.

Need more gift ideas that the pets and their owners fall in love with? Explore our collection to find the most trending giveaways.

Need more gift ideas that the pets and their owners fall in love with? Explore our collection to find the most trending giveaways.