Popular Christmas Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Revealed

Christmas is rolling in and it is the best time for businesses to discover some brilliant Christmas marketing ideas!

With all businesses trying their best to draw in more customers, executing a Christmas marketing strategy ahead of time can help small businesses a lot. Lost for ideas? Here are some interesting marketing ideas for the holidays.

Join trade shows

Networking events like trade shows help you to reach to your customers. If you have the money to spare, setting up a stall in a popular trade show will get the much needed exposure for your brand   Trade show is also a great place to build relationships with future clients who are interested in what you offer. It is an amazing event to enhance your data base and bolster the mailing list as you meet scores of new prospects under one roof. Think of Christmas themed fun giveaways that will continue to be your brand reminders for a long time to come.

Send out personalized holiday cards

The simple gesture of sending a greeting card to your customers can warm their hearts. Apart from reminding them of your products and services, it will also highlight your friendly brand profile. Add a personal touch to your business promotions by sending a personalized holiday card. It will go a long way in impressing your customers and boosting their loyalty.

Hold fun contests

Raffles and fun contests will go a long way in enhancing the traffic to your online stores. Share holiday images, announce discount deals and something more that your audience will feel excited about to make the Christmas promotions truly special.

Mailer campaigns

Sending a direct mail to your customers is a great way to engage your audience with your Christmas sales and business events. It will be an effective reminder to encourage them to join. You can use custom save the date magnets imprinted with the event that your customers can stick on their refrigerator doors. It will make sure that they do not miss it and make a delightful surprise to the recipients while enhancing the value of your communication.

Christmas custom gifts

Consider handing out interesting Christmas themed handouts for your clients, customers and employees. It is a great way to make them brand loyal. From stocking stuffers like keychains to glow items like reindeer nose and bracelets to Christmas ornaments and more, you can find tons of giveaways for every call.

Kitchen accessories like BBQ sets, storage containers, travel tumblers are all time favorites in Christmas giveaways. The best part is that your audience will find these items useful for a long time even after the Christmas trees are taken off the patio!

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