March 6th Is National Dentist’s Day- Plan Your Promotions

March 6th is observed as National Dentist’s Day every year. It makes a great day to say “Thank You” and show appreciation to your dentist. Though everyone gets scared at the thought of sitting at the dental chair, they will surely be pleased at the makeover and confidence that they get every time they smile after each dentist appointment.

It makes a great day for dental clinics to announce their special deals and specialty services and reach out to a wider audience. It is also a great way to promote awareness on dental hygiene and encourage people to undertake regular checkup. By handing out custom gifts, dentists can remind their patients about better dental habits and dental appointments, raise awareness about dental care and inspire their customers to smile confidently.

March 6th Is National Dentist’s Day- Plan Your Promotions

Dental clinics that are planning to run free community dental check up camps or awareness campaign will find custom gifts that complement their business line a perfect choice.

Here are a few gift ideas that can be employed to promote dental industry

White Tooth Banks: Inspire your recipients to save money and take dental care seriously with these white tooth banks. Customize these with your brand and message to make it a perfect marketing tool for tradeshows, dentist day, awareness campaign and more.

Custom Printed White Tooth Banks

Tooth Shaped Magnetic Memo Clip Holder: Everyone needs memo holders for their workdesks at home or office to keep their papers, reminders and documents safe and well organized. These magnetic memo clip holders will enjoy a prominent place on the refrigerator doors or file cabinets of your recipients and your brand on these will get a wide angle display. Equipped with a heavy duty spring loaded hinge, these durable memo clip holders will make a long lasting billboard for your services.

Promotional Tooth Shaped Magnetic Memo Clip Holder

Tooth Shaped Gel Hot and Cold Packs: Filled with aqua bead gels, these hot and cold packs will soothe pain and offer great relief to users. Safety tested for FDA, CPSIA and TRA compliance, these highly useful gifts will keep your brand and message right in front of your audience.

Customized Tooth Shaped Gel Hot and Cold Packs

Travel Tooth Brush with Box and Small Toothpaste: Make dental care easy even during the hectic travel time with these travel tooth brush with box. These custom handouts are ideal for dental offices, health clinics and travel agents. The best thing is that your brand on these will get a wider audience as these handy kit will get shared in the friends circles of your recipients

Custom Travel Tooth Brush with Box and Small Toothpaste

Tooth Shaped Dental Floss Keychains: This keyring that features a US made waxed dental floss packed in a tooth shaped container will make a handy gift that your recipients will truly appreciate. Wherever your recipients go, they are assured of a flawless floss.

Personalized Tooth Shaped Dental Floss Keychains

We have an exclusive section of tooth shaped custom gifts that can be employed to promote your dental care services. Shop now at best prices and ensure a squeaky clean promotional campaign!

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