March 1st Is Employee Appreciation Day – Show How You Care For Your Employees

In today’s high pressure corporate world where businesses wage a war to get the cream of the lot talent into their rolls, employee retention and appreciation has assumed a very important role. A well trained workforce is the biggest asset for any organization as it makes the bed rock of their growth and productivity. From offering perks to paid holidays and appreciation gifts, companies plan a lot of strategies in keeping their work force happy and motivated.

March 2nd Is Employee Appreciation Day (1)

Workplace recognition ensures a sense of accomplishment to the employees and makes them feel valued for their work. Recognition not just boosts the employee productivity but their loyalty to the company as well. March 2nd is a great time to show your employees how much they are appreciated by handing out a custom gift that can be taken home and cherish all their life as a milestone token.

Here are some great promotional product ideas that are sure to be a hit!

  1. Tech gifts
    Touted as the most popular gifts in the list, custom tech gifts will make great employee appreciation gifts. Power banks, wireless speakers, chargers or phone holders are all popular gift choices to consider.
  2. Drinkware
    Put your corporate pride on display with these highly functional custom drinkware items. Choose from a range of custom gifts like water bottles to metal tumblers and ceramic mugs, custom drinkware is something everyone can use. Every time they take a coffee break , drinkware items will show how much you care.
  3. Pens
    Pens are functional gifts that your employees will find useful. Offered in a range of models including multi functional pens like USB pens and stylus pens, you can choose a model that matches the tastes of your recipients. The best part is that custom pens offer lot of personalization options that will let you turn this into a high visibility marketing tool.
  4. Apparel
    Custom T shirts will make not just an elegant employee appreciation gift but a great team spirit item and a corporate work wear clothing item that your employees will love to use. Choose from a range of material choices and colors to align with your promotional theme and the style quotient of the users.
  5. Laptop Bags
    We have bags for everyone’s style and to cater to their diverse toting needs. Be it for work, travel or leisure, these laptop bags will help your employees to stay well organized at all times. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention from anyone who sees it. These elegant gifts will keep their sensitive gadgets well organized and safe and offer a trendy way to show their brand pride.

Make sure that the contributions of your employees are well appreciated and celebrate the successes of your employees to make your team feel great. Recognizing the contributions of employees is critical to the success of any organization. Tell us your employee appreciation gift ideas and tips at the comments section below.

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