Make Your Earth Day Celebrations A Success With These custom gifts

Though most of us tend to overlook the importance of Earth Day celebrations, the day continues to be a poignant reminder of the stark reality that stares at us. With the green house effect and the environmental degradation hitting an all time high, it is the last call for humans probably to fix their ways to ensure their sustenance on planet earth and to hand it over to the future generations. Let us take an oath that we will strive to make one last ditch effort to stall the damage by spreading awareness about Earth Day and leading an eco-friendly way of life.

Happy EarthDay!

At a time when Earth Day celebrations have become confined to E-Day discounts and Free Earth Day gifts, it is high time to take a closer look at the importance of Earth Day and what it should mean to each one of us in the real sense.

Why is there no fanfare on Earth Day? To be frank, we don’t care when life is good as we tend to take everything for granted. But the reality is scary and if we do not do anything for the environment now, it will be too late as all living beings need safe drinking water and fresh air to live. Don’t we all? No technology can create the basic elements like air or water that is needed for everyone to live.

Since Earth Day was first established in 1970 at a time when heavy industrial pollution was choking US, Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator from Wisconsin, decided it was Gaylor Nelson Earth Daytime to build public awareness about air and water pollution. Since then April 22 has been observed as Earth Day with the slogan Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Though there isn’t any dearth of environmental protection laws, it is a tight rope walk to balance industrial growth and environment protection. Going green can be inconvenient and expensive but these days more companies are embracing a green theme and the customers are keen to support brands that indulge in environment friendly business practices.

On the occasion of Earth Day, we at ProImprint wish to highlight our commitment towards a better and healthier environment with our exclusive range of ecofriendly items.

Tradeshow hand outs

Planning a tradeshow this month? Recycled lanyards will make a perfect gift item to consider. These will not add up to the land- fills and make your name seen all over. These recycled Tetra Pens and sticky notebooks are the other gift choices to consider. Made of recycled paper, these notebooks feature heavy cardboard cover made from recycled paper and includes 5 multicolored sticky note flags (25 per color), a medium (25 pieces) and a large stick note (50 pieces). It makes a useful corporate gift or tradeshow handout that will make your green message stand out.

0.75 Inch Promotional Logo Recycled Lanyards

Green corporate gifts

Make green theme part of your corporate culture by handing out these recycled computer sling backpacks that can carry 15” laptops and are large enough to manage all other essentials.

Custom Printed 12 Oz Cups-On-The-Go Recycled Stadium Cups

Now that the baseball season is on, these 12 Oz Cups-On-The-Go Recycled Stadium Cups will make a perfect gift item to promote your green cause and to make the audience sit back and take note of this message. Available in a palette of colors, these cups can be matched with the sports theme or the Home team color.

We can literally go on and on with custom Earth Day gifts. But we would like you to take a look and choose something that you find interesting. Happy shopping!

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