Lure More Footfalls To Your Trade Show Booth With Fun Games

The New Year Tradeshow calendar is heavily punctuated with countless tradeshows and business events that extend literally all year round. It makes a great time for marketers to network, advertise and to make their brand well spotted. An average trade show attendee will spend nine hours on the floor and pop into about 26 booths, some with a definite plan and some sporadic.

Lure More Footfalls To Your Trade Show Booth With Fun Games

To grab the attention of most people, marketers deck up their stalls in brilliant themes, rope in a team attired in corporate colors and plan some fun games that will attract customers and make them spend more time. If you are looking for some promotional tradeshow games, keep reading.

Games will highlight the friendly profile of your brand and will engage your recipients in a light hearted dialogue with your brand. Make sure to build a buzz and let your customers know that you will loads of games and contests are on offer by sending a pre tradeshow mail. Spread the word in social media to get your message reach far and wide at the quickest possible time.

Not all games may do the trick. Choose activities that are engaging and will get the attendees involved with your brand. Your friendly booth staff can pep up the fun of the game session by inspiring the attendees to try their hands at all the games. The winners can be given custom gifts that align with the theme of the event.

Popular trade show booth games

There are scores of simple yet exciting games that are easy to set up and play. Put on your innovative caps to come up with something novel that your competitors might not have thought about . Get started with these fun tips

Prize wheel: Everyone will get obsessed with this simple game of prize wheels. Just let the attendees spin to get freebies or coupons as gifts. Get them spin for a bigger gift by asking question about your brand or services. Do not forget to collect their business cards, which come handy during mailer campaigns and follow ups.

Bean bag toss: An old favorite, this game gets the attendees toss the bag into the hole. Play solo or compete against others to unleash tons of fun and laughter. A big crowd puller, this game is something everybody will find irresistible.

Prize drop: Get more crowds into your booth with this simple yet thrill packed game. Players need to drop their puck and watch it fall to see what they have won in prizes. “Plinking” sound grabs the attention of the crowd. It makes a simple carnival game everyone would love to play.

Share your favorite game ideas at the comments section below and join the conversation.

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