Logo gifts for Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is thought to affect about 2% of the United States population. SAD is an emotional downturn that is prevalent during the winter and autumn months, which can make people withdraw socially. SAD can be managed by mood enhancing techniques like light therapy and counseling.

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Seasonal Depression Awareness Month will make a great time to draw attention to the emotional low tide people go through during winter season. Unfortunately these mood swings could interfere with the holiday season as people suffering from SAD often find it hard to maintain their socializing skills and sound mental health.

Proimprint has a range of promotional gifts that will raise awareness for this month. Here are some top suggestions

Jumbo Size Light Bulb Shape Memo Clips: Inspire your recipients to get over SAD symptoms with ease by handing out these bulb shaped promo gifts. Every time they see these gifts, they will be reminded of not just your brand but also will be inspired to stay cheerful and light up their day by staying positive.

Jumbo Size Light Bulb Shape Memo Clips

Stress balls: These adorable smiley stress balls will leave your recipients happy and smiling. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time they de-stress themselves with these, your logo will catch their attention.

Captain Smiley Stress Relievers

Promotional jackets: Proimprint has a range of trendy and comfortable jackets and logo outerwear that will keep your recipients warm and upbeat. Make your patrons confident and happy to venture out in these stylish logo jackets that will take your logo to places!Promotional Logo Men's Flint Lightweight Jackets

Blankets: Holiday season is all about outdoor fun, community events and festivities. Lift up the sagging emotions of the SAD victims with these comfortable logo blankets. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time they use these during outdoor concerts or New Year eve parties, they will think great about your logo.Customized Roll-Up Blankets

BBQ Sets: Tempt your reluctant customers to venture out and enjoy a fun filled barbecue dinner party by handing them out these handy BBQ sets and enjoy the fun of holiday socializing at its best. Every time they get over the SAD shackles, they will be reminded of not just your message but also your social commitment.Promotional Logo Wave 3-Piece BBQ Set

Thermos: Your recipients will surely love to enjoy their favorite beverage piping hot on a frosty night out. Hand out these practical gifts that will enjoy a long retention among all genres of customers. Personalize they use these gifts, your logo and message will enjoy the much desired portability and exposure.Custom 16 Oz Cutter and Buck Performance Series Thermos Tumblers

Proimprint has a range of winter promotional gifts that your recipients will surely love. Spread your message and awareness on SAD with these logo gifts that will make your business part of your community.

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