Little Known Facts About Custom Gifts- Fact#2

Did You Know 53% Of recipients Use A Promotional Product At Least Once A Week.

Promotional products enjoy long lasting impact and will leave a strong influence on your audience. Imprinted gifts will make a veritable part of the marketing mix of marketers in staying connected with the current clients and reaching out to the future clients.


Hard to believe but true!
Out of the total of 80% of recipients of promotional items, a staggering 53% use a promotional product at least once every week! It shows how effective these logo items can be in actively engaging your recipients with your brand in a light hearted dialogue.

Custom gifts make inseparable items in the marketing mix of any marketers as these will not just connect their brand with current clients but will also help them to reach out to future clients. To make sure that the custom gifts that you hand out get used regularly, choose practical and daily use items as logo gifts.

Here are some of the custom gift ideas that will get used frequently by your recipients to increase the brand visibility and recall of your brand.

Kitchen accessories: People spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day, cooking, baking, eating and even hosting their guests. So, anything on the kitchen shelves will never fail to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients. Some of the gift items to consider includeCustom Printed Cooking Set

Oven mitts: Every time your recipients use these logo items to take out a scalding pot from the oven, your logo gets registered in their minds. It can happen many times in a single day!Promotional Quilted Cotton Canvas Oven Mitts

Cutting boards: Make the cutting and chopping tasks easy for your patrons and gain persistent brand display in turn.Personalized Mini Cutting Boards

Chip clips: Help your recipients to keep their favorite chips crisp and fresh till the last bit with these tiny yet effective kitchen items. Your brand on these will never fail to gain their attention.2.5 Inch Custom Printed Keep-It Chip Clips

Measuring cups: The right measurement of ingredients is what makes the end products tasty. So, you can easily imagine the popularity that these ubiquitous items will enjoy in the kitchens of every genre of your customers. Available in various attractive colors, you can even pick up a cup in your corporate color for added impact.12 Oz Custom Printed Measuring Cup With - 5 Colors

Utility knives : Ask anyone who loves cooking how important it is to have an easily accessible knife at their kitchen counter. These ceramic knives will make their cutting and chopping procedures easy and safe and every time they use it they will surely take a closer look at the logo imprinted on these useful gifts.Custom Imprinted 5 Inch Ceramic Utility Knives

Browse our impressive collection of imprinted house wares and choose something that fits your budget. Find it a bit overwhelming? We are only a call away!

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