Little Known Benefits Of Silicone Phone Wallets- Must Read

Phone wallets are not just a fad but have evolved to be part of the life style of the modern users who love to commute light- literally! Having the advantage of a wallet every time someone carries their cell phone is what makes phone wallets a perfect choice.

Now your recipients need not carry their bulky wallets every time they dash out of the house  for a quick grub or a shopping spree. Custom phone wallets are spacious enough to carry all the essential items like cards, keys and cash. If you fancy a simple and classic promotional gift that attracts people while being easy on your budget, look no further than custom silicon phone wallets that are hard to overlook.

Little known advantages of Silicone Phone wallets

phone walletPerfect Fit

Silicone cases will fit nicely on the phone to make it eye pleasing and functional all at once.


Silicone is resistant to bacteria and fungus and will last long, look great and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. As it is not damaged easily, silicon phone wallets are ideal for everyday use.

Silicone Snap Pocket Phone Wallets


Phone wallets have a simple yet cheerful look that fits any occasion- whether an official meeting, or party night. The rich palette of plain solid colors such as red, yellow, pink and a lot more can be paired with different outfits  for the users  who appreciate style.

Silicone Phone Wallets with Finger Strap

Budget friendly

Incredibly cost effective , silicon phone wallets  will make a great choice for mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns. Plus these wallets have better properties and durability and are readily available in the market, which makes it a great option for marketers.

Dual Pocket Silicone Phone Wallets


Silicone wallets are more popular than other models due to the infinite color choices and low maintenance benefits. Ideal for rough use, these phone wallets make lives easier for the outdoorsy, active audience and party crowd while your brand gets valuable impressions.

Silicone Card Wallet for Smartphones

Limitless options

Silicon phone wallets are not just classic and colorful handouts but are available in a wide range of popular models including RFID models , wallets with finger slots or dual pocket  phone wallets among so much more.

Silicone Phone Wallet with Finger Slots


The silicone pouch at the rear of the phone will double up as a shock absorber and minimize the impact on the device when it is accidentally dropped. Though its  primary function is not protection of the device, it can still considerably reduce the impact felt when the phone falls on the back.

Explore our collection of phone wallets to choose an appropriate model that will meet the preferences of your audience while matching your budget.