Light up Promotional Giveaways To Prepare for Winter Nights

As the winter solstice is inching closer, it is a great time to think of winter promotional giveaways. Help your clients and employees prepare for the long nights  with these high utility giveaways that are hard to miss.

Here are some light up giveaways that will help your audience navigate the dark mornings and nights with confidence and make them feel reassured.

Promotional flashlights

Chances are that everyone may wish to have an extra flashlight around the house during fall and winter season when day hours are short. Available in a wide range of compact and sleek models,flashlights are a must have in every home, car or office. Compact enough to store in a glove compartment or bag, flashlights will ensure instant lighting on hand when your clients need it.  

Make sure to find a model that will meet the specific needs of the audience for better impact. For instance, highly luminescent models like Maglite flashlights are a great choice for outdoorsy crowd like campers and hikers. Designed to  fit right into your customers’ pockets it’s powerful, trendy and above all  sturdy  for the rough and tumble of the winter outdoors.  Get your logo and message laser engraved on these flashlights to get all eyes on it!

Maglite Solitaire Flashlight

Lighted key chains

Keychain flashlights are small and easy to carry. The best part is that every time your recipients carry their keychains they have a source of light at their finger- tips. Choose from many different styles, all of which are easy to customize.  The incredible color choice is another winning trait of keychain flashlights. It’s perfect for those dark nights when your customers can’t get the key in the lock or find something from under the car seat. Choose multi-functional models like magnifier LED keychains  to make it more useful for your prospects.

Mini Rectangular Flashlights

Glow bracelets

Make your prospects more visible on the dark roads for the motorists  with glow bracelets. It is ideal for bikers and dog walkers at dusk. Choose from a wide range of colors and models . Apart from enhancing outdoor fashion, these glow bracelets will make your recipients well noticed and safe on the dark allay ways. Invest on these budget friendly and crowd pleasing accessories to impress the audience.

9 Inch Deluxe Triple Wide Glow Bracelets

LED Light with Pen and Carabiners: Offer the three in one advantage of having a LED light  a  carabiner and a pen with these high utility giveaways. These are perfect to attach your brand logo to their backpacks, bags or suitcase. Your users can easily rotate the body of the pen to write or light up the way as needed. Available in several bright colors with silver trim, these budget friendly giveaways will illuminate  even low key  winter events.

LED Light with Pen and Carabiners

Need more gift ideas that will light up the lives of your audience and make winter easier. Browse our collection or reach out to our team.