Kick Start New Year Promotions with Custom  2023 Calendars

Promotional calendars are one of the most appreciated gifts for your customers at the end of the year. Calendars will not only enable your prospects to keep track of the dates and days but will even keep your business name and company information in their plain view.

Custom calendars are available in a wide range of popular models including wall calendars, desktop calendars, pocket calendars and more . Offered in an exciting range of themes and designs , these printed calendars will perfectly represent your business.

Custom Wall Calendars

From muscle cars to scenic images and pets, wall calendars will complement your promotional theme easily. Printed on premium paper in quality ink, these breathtaking calendars will bring in beautiful imagery to the spaces of your audience thereby adding character to the barren walls. The best part is that wall calendars will put your brand on display for a whole year right from the start of the year to the end.

There are even 13-month calendars that will stay up even longer than that. These calendars include ample white spaces for your recipients to write important reminders and notes. Thus they will have many solid reasons to  check out your custom calendars more often.

Prominent display

Calendars get a prominent display in the living and working spaces of your recipients, which means that your message will be put on a grand display all year long . It will make it easy for them to get in touch when they need the products or services your brand offers. Win –win

Calendars are Memorable giveaways

Calendars are not just another custom giveaway but make a tangible reminder of your products and services. Choose from a wide range of interesting themes like Saturday Evening Post,  American landscapes and kittens and pups among others.

 Your recipients will indeed love to hang up these high-quality items for the entire year to come. In addition, your brand will make an impression at the office and beyond as these products will ensure 365 days of brand publicity.

Custom Press and Stick Calendars

These small, travel size calendars will make a delightful addition to any gift bag. Budget friendly and highly practical, these calendars are available in various styles, shapes, and colors. If budget is your watch word these promotional 13 month calendars will make a great choice. Starting at  prices of only a few cents each, these calendars are an excellent option to meet your needs.

Order in bulk

Calendars can be distributed from the last quarter of the present year to 3 months or more into the new year. So, you can order custom calendars in bulk for all the upcoming events. Your clients and customers will appreciate these high utility giveaways that will help them to follow through their New Year resolutions and life goals.

Calendars are ecofriendly

In addition, paper calendars are recyclable and are a great way for marketers that wish to go green. Thus, it will give another valid reason for your recipients to patronize your business.

With so promotional calendar options on offer, you can even choose  a few different styles to make an assortment!