Jan. 26th is Fun at Work Day- Plan Your Promotions

Let’s be frank about it. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a job that’s fun to do! However, fun at work day can be celebrated to make the job more fun and exciting for your employees and to take a look at the fun side of life! Celebrated all over the world on January 26th, this day is all about having fun, laughter and shenanigans and leaving the work pressure at bay.


Studies show that fun at work enhances employee retention and ensures greater job satisfaction, and increased productivity.

So, if you are a business that is looking to have some fun on the job on National Fun at Work Day, here are some gift ideas that are too good to overlook! Most employees spend a substantial part of their lives at work, so, this day makes a great occasion for employers to make their team well appreciated and smiling.

Let fun and work get along together with some wild and imaginative fun ideas, gifts and parties. From cranking up the music a bit to turning up in silly clothes, there are many options to consider.

Here are some of the promotional  gift ideas from ProImprint that will keep your employees happy and smiling

Power banks : Ensure nonstop fun and music to your employees by handing out these custom power banks. These practical and long lasting gift ideas will enjoy a warm welcome and long retention among your recipients.Customized Mega Charge Power Banks-4400 mAh

Chocolate : Everyone will love these soft and flavorsome chocolates as gifts. Imprint your logo and message on these gifts that will bring a smile on to their faces. The best part is that chocolates have a natural ingredient that will increase the happy hormones in your recipients. So do you need any other reason to choose chocolates as gifts?Custom Individually Wrapped Chocolate Hearts

Stress relievers: These logo gifts are all about no tension, only fun! Hand out these personalized gifts with your logo and message to your employees and see how a few squeezes of these soft stress busters is all it needs to be happy at work. Every time they use these, your logo and message will enjoy a wide angle display and will drive up their loyalty and team spirit.Custom Printed Pop And Stress Reliever

 Novelty pens: Add a fun twist to the ordinary pens by giving them funny shapes and silly expressions in the form of these novelty pens from ProImprint. Available in a range of quirky models like cute crew pens, the goofy hands pens and much more, these pens are more of fun toys than simple pens!. Browse our fabulous collection of these strange looking pens and we bet, you will not stop laughing your lungs out!7 Inch Logo Imprinted Squishy Ballpoint Pens

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