Its Time to Order Custom Calendars for 2022

Time flies literally and before we even know, it is yet again time for marketers to order calendars and diaries for New Year.

As we are in Q4 of the year, it is best to order these custom promotional items early to hand out on time for your clients and customers before they go on holidays.

Puppies and Kittens Stapled Wall Calendars

Why calendars

Staying organized is the key for the effective functioning of businesses and individuals. Custom calendars are perfect for planning the whole year ahead and schedule meetings, events , holidays and more. By offering a high utility giveaway , your logo will get consistent exposure and valuable impressions. Just think of the countless times , an average Joe has to refer the calendar to  keep a tab on their upcoming schedules!

Pocket planners

Pocket planners are hard to beat  even in today’s digital world. These budget friendly handouts that ensure branding longevity are available in a wide range of models and price rates.  Value Monthly Pocket Planner is a perfect choice for mass events like trade shows or business events. It  consists of 16 sheets in 10 different cover colors and the vertical monthly grid provides more space to mark appointments and other reminders against each date.

Custom Printed Value Monthly Pocket Planner

Stick up calendars

It makes a practical handout with incredible visibility.  Offered in multiple shapes and color options, these calendars can be customized for the ultimate outcome. Easy to carry and use, these logo items will make  valuable daily impressions on the go. Invest in these budget friendly handouts to make your New Year promotions a success!
3 Month Vertical Press-N-Stick Calendars

Monthly  Planners

Monthly planners are perfect for the office to ensure that  everyone is on the same page- literally. Offered in a wide range of models and designs, these are perfect for managing the campaigns and making it easy for your employees to stick to their deadlines. The calendars offer a huge print area, meaning they are perfect for promoting your brand’s logo throughout the whole year.

Classic Pocket Planners is a great choice to consider. It will come handy for making appointments, schedules, writing reminders and in fact anything for future reference while keeping your message in plain view of your audience for a whole year.

2021 Classic Pocket Planners

Wall Calendar

Offered in various popular themes and sizes, custom wall calendars have plenty of room for important notes and you can even have different images for each sheet! Some calendars come in their own envelope, making it easy to post these out.

An American Illustrator Spiral Wall Calendars

Desk calendars

Desk calendars  are available in a wide range of interesting models like perpetual calendar, multicolor calendars and large desk calendars to cater to your unique branding needs. It will make it easy for your clients and employees to have the view of the whole month in a glance.  These are perfect for taking note of dates  or while planning your upcoming promotional campaigns. It will indeed make a great product to keep on every work desk next to the phone!

Large Econo Desk Calendars

Have you ordered custom calendars yet? Get started by exploring our complete line of calendars in every price rate and model.