Interesting Yet Budget Friendly Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Office

 Looking for Christmas Party Ideas that are indeed worth celebrating? Here are some fun tips to make your office party truly special. The best part is that you can even start celebrating right away if you are feeling nostalgic about the holidays that are still a few weeks away!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your employees to kick start the fun and have a Christmas party in office! These tips will definitely help you get started.

Deck up the tree

First things first! The Christmas feel can never be complete without a well decorated tree with  ornaments and embellishments. It is also a great way to spread the cheer and joy. Put on the Christmas lights and you are all set to start the party,

Inspire your employees to make holiday crafts

Christmas is indeed the best time of the year to feel artsy for most people. So, inspire your employees to come up with some creative Christmas  arts and crafts and DIY Christmas gifts  to drive up the fun. It will also ensure a well deserved break for the team. Likewise, do not forget to leave custom Christmas gifts on the work desks to surprise the team!


Get your employees in true holiday spirit by playing popular Christmas tunes as everyone gets busy decorating the tree and making crafts. A  playlist of joyous carols will surely enhance the mood.

Christmas themed fun contests

Think of some interesting fun contests  for the employees. For instance, building gingerbread houses will indeed make a great option. Split your employees into teams and supply the necessary materials needed to make these displays. Besides, it will also give them some food for thought- literally!  

The winning team gets the prize. You can even think of handing out custom giveaways to everyone as it is also a fantastic team-building exercise. Ugly sweater Christmas parties or white elephant Christmas gift ideas will enhance the partying experience further.

Christmas movie time

How about a Christmas movie screening for the employees in office?  You can extend the fun of the movie hours by handing out bag full of popcorn that can be passed around as the movie progresses.

Set up a chocolate counter

Besides, create a mini holiday-themed chocolate fountain or candy counter for your employees, where they can make and customize their hot chocolate.  Also provide toppings like whipped cream or marshmallows to get everyone in the holiday mood.

Give back to the community

Make your Christmas festivities extra special by giving back to the community and spreading the holiday joy. In addition, encourage the employees to join you in a community service event. From food collection drive to donating  pet supplies to local animal shelter or cleaning up the local park, you can think of any suitable activity that  your employees will be interested to do.

Make Christmas themed cocktails

Set up a drink station in the office break room equipped with popular beverages, which will enable the employees to whip up some holiday-themed cocktails or mocktails as per your office rules.

Distribute personalized Christmas giveaways

Nothing says Christmas like gifts. It is indeed a great way to enhance the cheer while making your employees feel special. Think of surprise Santa gifts food and candy, Santa themed gifts or high utility handouts like tote bags, keychains, tech gifts or something more. You can even organize Secret Santa gift or a white elephant gift exchange in office .

Need more tips and ideas? Watch this space for our Christmas blog posts.