Interesting Custom Camping Gifts For RV And Tent Campers

Businesses looking for a unique gift for their special clients and outdoorsy employees will find nothing more special than personalized camping gifts! These will evoke nostalgic memories in the minds of their recipients and enhance your brand. Everyone will love to get these unique gifts that are hugely popular and loaded with fun. From games to water bottles, blankets, BBQ sets, snow globes and more, we have some of the best winter camping gifts for campers. Make sure to order a little early to ensure your gift is ready on time.

Camping Gifts For RV And Tent Campers

Personalized flags

Mark your campsite with Personalized flags to make a delightful way to welcome guests and to show your brand identity. Make sure to leave your personal stamp by imprinting with taglines, artwork and message that will impress the campers. These will make great souvenirs for campers to take back home and a great way to remember the great time they had.

3' x 5' Customized Double Sided Polyester Flag


Think of handing out old school games like playing cards , puzzles that are imprinted with your contact details or taglines to make a long lasting reminder of your camp site. These will make a fun gift to get the campers talk about your brand for a long time to come. The best part is that these won’t cost you a pretty dime as well.

Custom Deck of Cards and Case

Coloring books

Camping is a time for most people to relax in the lap of nature and to beat a retreat from electronic devices of the modern world. Custom coloring books will make great handouts to relax and enjoy the real world of colors through crayons and drawing books and to unplug the electronic devices for your recipients. Book marks will also make a unique gift for the campers who like to read books and might have brought their supply to last their stay in RV or tents.

Custom Adult Coloring Books - Creative Designs for Relaxation & Fun

Back packs

Nobody can think of camping without their favorite backpacks. Spacious and casual, these bags with handy drawstring closures will make a great choice. Choose from a range of popular models including Non Woven Sports Packs that are designed to bear the daily grinds of the camping days with a wide grin. Made from durable 80 gram non-woven, coated water resistant polypropylene and secured with a drawstring closure, these custom printed drawstring bags are spacious enough to keep the daily essentials. Oriole Drawstring Cinch Backpacks made using 210D polyester and offered in a bevy of brilliant colors is another fabulous choice.

Customized Oriole Drawstring Cinch Backpacks

Personalized Water Bottles

Custom water bottle is a handy gift idea for campers to ensure proper hydration and the convenience to carry their beverages without spillage. 24 Oz Promotional Solairus Water Bottle is a great choice as it is easy to tote them around the campsite as well as on hikes thanks to its carabiner design. There are tons of other styles like these custom Aluminum Bike Bottles that feature a highly useful screw on, spill-resistant lid. These BPA-free products are available in a range of attractive metallic colors.

24 Oz Promotional Solairus Water Bottle - 4 Colors

We have a lot more in personalized camping gifts that will enhance your branding potential during the season. Watch this space for more updates.

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