Industry Specific Promotional Gift Ideas Will Leave A Lasting Impression

The best promotional gifts need not always be the most popular! A lot depends on your business line and the tastes of your target audience. For instance if you wish to reach out to a youthful audience, tech gifts like stylus pens, powerbanks, headphones or phone case will all be good choices. You can even consider fun toys like Frisbees, inflatables or Yo Yo to get your message out.

Here is a quick list of some of the industry specific promotional gifts that you can consider.

Automobile industry: The second among the largest auto manufacturers in the world by volume, US auto industry has always been on a robust growth graph. To stay ahead in this highly competitive market, advertisers come up with innovative gift ideas to race ahead in this business line. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Road safety kits: Show your customers that you care for their well being by handing out these custom road safety kits. Whenever your recipients get stuck on the highway, these safety kits will come to their aid and they will never fail to take note of your logo and message imprinted on these.Promotional Road Rescue Car Kit
  • USB car chargers While travelling, there is nothing bad as ending up with a phone that has run out of charge. These compact USB car chargers are just right for all those who enjoy their long road trips. Every time your recipients charge their USB powered mobile devices in their car’s power port see how your brand exposure gets a surge!2.25x1 Inch Customized Compact USB Car Chargers

Non-profit organizations:Sustaining a non-profit organization is easier said than done. Consider the following popular custom gifts that double up as fund raisers and promotional tools for your cause.

  • T shirts: One of the most popular and budget friendly gift items ever, T shirts will make successful fund raising items and promotional items alike. Imprint your logo and message, hand these out during community events and see how your cause gets the exposure and supports that it deserves. Low in cost yet high in popularity, T shirts make popular fund raising items as nobody can resist these trendy apparels.Promotional Next Level Men's Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirts
  • Tote bags: Popular and budget friendly, custom totes are popular fund raising items for non-profit organizations. Long lasting and well retained, these causal and colorful tote bags will ensure a long term brand promotion as well.Custom Poly Pro Large Heat Sealed Tote Bags

Healthcare industry:Ensure good health to your recipients and your brand alike with these logo items. Here are some suggestions.

  • Pill boxes: Help your recipients keep up with their medication schedules by organizing their medicines properly. Customize these functional gift items with their name, logo and artwork and see how your logo becomes part of their daily lives.Custom Imprinted Pill Holders with snap lid
  • First aid kits Accidents can happen anytime anywhere. Hand out these first aid kits that will help them manage small cuts, wounds or burns and get your message out in a subtle and thoughtful manner. These functional items will surely make your recipients feel well appreciated.Promotional Logo Instant Care Kits

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