Imprinted Umbrellas Make The Best Story Tellers For Your Business!

Looking for a simple handout that will easily engage your audience with your business story? Something that is available in various colors, designs and models? May be you are looking for something that appeals to everyone? Imprinted umbrellas will make a great choice. Though all the people on the road may not sport umbrellas all the time – unless it is raining cats and dogs, umbrellas have always fueled the inspiration of people.


Did you know that the United States Patent Office has more than 3000 plans for redesigning the umbrella including a possible design for a flying umbrella – probably similar to the ones we have seen in movies like Mary Poppins or Blade Runner! 

Not just umbrellas, some people seem to be smitten by the charm of the nondescript umbrella sleeves as well. Meet Nancy Hoffman who has set up an Umbrella Cover Museum on Peaks Island in Maine, which has over 700 umbrella sheaths now!

46 Inch Personalized Auto Open Umbrellas

If you are in a story telling mood, custom umbrellas will make a great option to get your message out to your audience in a fun and engaging way.

A wide canvas for your ideas 

The massive canopy of the umbrellas will make a great wide blank canvas for your creative ideas.  Get your jokes, artwork or taglines imprinted on these to strike an instant rapport with your prospects and will let your brand stand out in the competition!

Promotional Pro-Am Golf Umbrellas


Umbrellas pop out over the crowd and will be seen by hundreds of different people on rainy days because it is always on the go and used in different locations. Anything imprinted on these will stay in front of all!

Unlimited options

Umbrellas are offered in an exciting range of colors, sizes and patterns that will delight people easily. You can even choose from modern models with a tech twist like Music umbrellas Bluetooth speakers that doubles up as a speaker apart from being a shade over the head! These umbrellas have 8 oz UV treated Polyester canopy, 2 built-in water resistant speakers and steel frame construction.

Music Umbrellas with Bluetooth Speaker


Custom Umbrellas are long lasting and well retained. Your message will get a portable billboard with great staying power. People not just use at against weather elements, but will find these stylish accessories to embellish their dressing. Did you know that most people love to use umbrellas as photo props? The brilliant colors and prints will give a fairy tale charm and an oriental theme to even a low key snap shot.

Here are some trending models only for your eyes

Printed Mini Folding Umbrellas: Get familiar with these stylish polyester fabric umbrellas with 43 inch arc that gets folded to 12″ length. Pinch proof runner to protect fingers and black rubberized handle will enhance the ease of use while the cloud design inside will leave your recipients in awe!

Custom Printed Mini Folding Umbrellas

Inverted Style Auto Close Umbrellas: These Auto close inverted custom umbrellas will keep you dry when you close the wet umbrella. Pongee polyester cover, black rubber grip handle, flat ferrule and contrasting color on the underside of the canopy.

Promotional Inverted Style Auto Close Umbrellas

Printed Clear Umbrellas: Watch the world go by  as you stay shielded from rain with these pretty clear canopy umbrellas. Automatic open function makes it easy to use. Your message and artwork imprinted on the clear canopy will get a lot of eyeballs on any day.

Custom Printed Clear Umbrellas

Need more? Browse and shop to your heart’s content; for more tips and ideas watch this space.